Sesame Street Season 47 Episode 4709 - Norbert's Birthday


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Sep 7, 2002
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Cute story though. Nice to see the Two-Headed Monster in the bookends and Mr. Johnson's appearance in the story.
Actually, I wish he would have appeared at the end of the street story to pick up the cake he ordered when :super: - Super was in the store and said "Not you again!" But oh well, at least he's still around. I was thinking we wouldn't see much of him after Jerry's death.

So it's good to know that they have more than two employees working there.
Yeah. Especially since Miles and Gabi seemed to vanish without a trace.:confused:

But, yeah, both Ernie and Bert deserve to be there more.
I agree there. They finally recast Ernie so he could get some more airtime, but now especially with the move to HBO, he's barely seen anymore. Now I'm probably thinking they might as well have just had Steve continue as Ernie.
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