Sesame Street Season 15 Episode 1836 - Gordon and Snuffy Run the NYC Marathon


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Apr 11, 2002
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Episode 1836 - Gordon and Snuffy Run the NYC Marathon
HBO Max Premiere: Wednesday May 27, 2020

Today is the day that Gordon and Snuffy will run in the New York City marathon! Everyone is cheering and handing out water. Back at the park the race is finishing, and everyone is there to congratulate Gordon. As it begins to get dark, Big Bird waits for Snuffy at the finish line, and Gordon and Susan go to pick him up in their car. After a long while, Snuffy finally finishes the race and he is very proud of himself. Big Bird wants to wake up Gordon and Susan (who have fallen asleep in the car) so they can finally meet Snuffy. But Snuffy doesn't think it's nice to wake people up, so they decide to push the car back to Sesame Street while Gordan and Susan sleep.

1983 | 55 MIN

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