Sesame Street Season 11 Episode 1317 - Exploring in Puerto Rico


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Apr 11, 2002
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Episode 1317 - Exploring in Puerto Rico
HBO Max Premiere: Wednesday May 27, 2020

Maria's mom serves breakfast for Maria's family and friends and reviews Spanish words for different foods. Bob and Linda ask for directions before heading to the beach. Bob tries to speak in Spanish, but he forgets how to say "beach". Linda helps him ask the children for directions. While Linda and Bob bike to the "la playa", they explore local activities! Hoping to fix it in time for Friday's festival, Luis tinkers with the local water fountain, as Oscar taunts him. Olivia goes to a market and practices her Spanish. Bob sings a song about the heart of town, the plaza. While out on a walk, Big Bird thinks he hears a little bird chirping, but he can't see it! Maria helps him discover the source of the chirping noise- a frog. Back at the beach, Luis and Susan build a sandcastle with kids.

1979 | 1 HR

Please note, this is the first time this episode has been commercially released since it's original broadcast.

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