Sesame Street Old School Outlines


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Nov 13, 2012
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Number 293 features Big Bird, Oscar, Maria, David, Olivia, Luis, and Buffy's family! Plus, Grover the elevator operator shows front and back, Ernie tries to warm up Bert, and the Anything Muppets cooperate to grow a flower together.

Sesame Street Old School Outline 293

Season 10: Buffy, Sheldon, and Cody visit

Sponsors: G, W, 9

Insert: Bob sees Oscar snacking, and notices a candy bar wrapper on the ground. Bob asks if the wrapper belongs to Oscar, who feigns ignorance. Bob tells Oscar not to litter and that he should pick up his trash, to which Oscar says, “Why should I? You just did!”

Cartoon/Song: Willie Wimple - Littering

Film: A car gets washed at the car wash

Muppets: Bert is feeling cold, so Ernie warms him up by putting several layers of clothing on him. An irritated Bert says he’s now too hot, so Ernie goes overboard by turning on the fan, opening the window, and putting an ice pack down Bert’s sweater.

Cartoon: G is for Glue (animation by the Hubleys)

Cartoon: G is for Goat and Grass

Scene 1: Mr. Hooper serves Big Bird, Olivia, Maria, David, and Luis in the store when the phone rings. Maria takes the call, which happens to be from Buffy. Maria tells everyone that Buffy and her family are coming to Sesame Street for a surprise visit!

Cartoon: Why Bears Smile (animation by Bruce Cayard)

Film: An osprey flies

Cartoon: W is for Wallpaper

Cartoon: Sand W/w

Muppet/Kid Moment: Heather teaches Grover how to count to 20. She skips over 19, and Grover reminds her that there’s a number missing.

Cartoon: The Old Woman Who Lived in a Nine

Film: “Let’s Make a Road” - kids build a road on the beach, while a construction crew does the real thing (jazzy underscore)

Muppets: A group of Muppet children cooperate to grow a flower

Film/Song: Henson #9

Scene 2: Everyone waits at the bus stop for Buffy and her family. Big Bird is especially excited, because the last time he saw them was in Hawaii (shown in an overlaid flashback montage). Lost in thought, Big Bird wonders out loud if Buffy will bring any pineapples to Sesame Street, which briefly confuses everyone.

Cartoon: W is for Wilhelmina

Muppets/Song: Bert sings at the meeting of “The National Association of W Lovers”

Cartoon: A man sounds out the word BINGO on a sign

Scene 3: The Count counts nine people waiting for Buffy’s family. Then he starts counting the minutes that pass until they arrive!

Film: The Mad Painter #9

Cartoon: Magical Herman’s Addition Trick

Scene 4: Everyone is still waiting for Buffy’s bus. The Count has counted 22 minutes since he got to the bus stop. David expresses his annoyance just as a taxi pulls up (Jon Stone cameos as the driver). Buffy, Sheldon, and Cody emerge and receive a warm welcome from the Sesame Street residents. Buffy reveals that their bus broke down, so they had to take a taxi the rest of the way. Big Bird wants to start playing but Maria says that the family needs to rest after their trip. However, Buffy says she’s been feeling restless and would rather play outside! Sheldon and Cody also slept in the taxi. Everyone runs to the arbor area for some games and sports.

Cartoon/Song: Martian Beauty #9 (by Bud Luckey)

Film: A girl named Colleen narrates a film about her life in Arizona

Celebrity: Arthur Ashe says the alphabet while hitting a tennis ball against a wall

Cartoon: The front and back parts of a costumed horse follow an ice cream truck

Muppets: Grover the elevator operator shows front and back with his passengers

Cartoon/Song: Pinball Number Count #9

Muppets/Song: “Frazzle” by the Frazzletones

Cartoon: W is for Wash

Scene 5: Buffy and Sheldon hold their arms together to form a bridge as the kids run underneath. They sing some traditional Indian folk songs as well.

Film: Sidewinder snake

Muppets: Ernie and Bert go to the movies, where a woman with a tall hat blocks Ernie’s view of the screen

Cast: Luis sings, “Three of These Kids” (one is upside-down)

Scene 6: Oscar gives some trash to Buffy and her family, including torn newspaper, a worn-out belt, and a punctured beach ball. It turns out that they have uses for these things! Sheldon can use the newspaper for packing items in boxes, Buffy can use the belt as an extra guitar strap, and Cody can play with the ball once it’s patched and filled with air. After Buffy gives a heartfelt thanks, they leave as Oscar shouts for them to return his belongings.

Muppets: The Count goes to the bank (part one)

Cartoon: A gorilla who knows “G” words applies for a job at the employment agency

Muppets: The Count goes to the bank (part two)

Cartoon: Letter G drawing (kids’ voiceover)

Scene 7: Everyone enjoys a home-cooked meal at Buffy’s apartment. Mr. Hooper announces the sponsors. SS sign still: Grover. CTW sign still: Ernie and Bert.

Northern Calloway as David
Emilio Delgado as Luis
Sonia Manzano as Maria
Bob McGrath as Bob
Alaina Reed as Olivia
Buffy St. Marie-Wolfchild as Buffy
Caroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar

Frank Oz as Bert, Grover, AMs
Jerry Nelson as the Count, Frazzle, AMs
Richard Hunt as AMs
Jim Henson as Ernie, AMs


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Nov 13, 2012
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Number 294 features Big Bird, Oscar, the Count, Mr. Snuffleupagus, Susan, and Bob! Plus, Cookie Monster helps Ernie match cookies, Grover assists with Herbert Birdsfoot's "AN" lecture, and the Anything Muppets re-enact the story of "The King's Picnic."

Sesame Street Old School Outline 294

Season 5: Oscar sews a quilt/The Count’s tasks

Sponsors: B, K, 6

Scene 1: Big Bird, Snuffy, and the kids play “house.” Big Bird is the father, Crystal plays the mother, Trey acts as the baby, and Snuffy plays the dog.

Muppets: Herbert Birdsfoot and Grover show the “AN” family (part 1 -RAN)

Cartoon: K is for Key (speech balloon)

Muppets: Herbert Birdsfoot and Grover show the “AN” family (part 1 -CAN)

Cartoon: Small “k” for “kiss”

Muppets: Herbert Birdsfoot and Grover show the “AN” family (part 1 -FAN)

Cartoon: The Pink Panther demonstrates karate, which starts with the letter K

Film: Butterflies (music by Joe Raposo)

Scene 2: Bob and Susan are surprised to see some beautiful patchwork poking out of Oscar’s trash can. After knocking on the can, Oscar tells them that he’s sewing a quilt. He’s not satisfied and decides to add a few more touches to the quilt - a few strands of stinkweed, a splash of mud, and some hungry moths (“Alright Groucho, Chico, Harpo—it’s lunch time!”). The adults are dismayed, but now Oscar thinks the quilt looks perfect! Bob: “Oscar, you must be joking! Who on earth would want that quilt?” Granny Grouch arrives immediately (as if on cue) and compliments Oscar’s handiwork. Oscar: “Gee, Granny! If you like this quilt, wait until you see my pottery! It’s got more cracks than the sidewalk.”

Muppets: Ernie and Bert fight over the TV chair until Herry Monster tricks them into leaving so that he can sit in it!

Film/Song: Henson #6

Cartoon: Jazz Spies #6

Cast: David presents his amazing forwards & backwards trick

Cartoon: B is for Bear, Bicycle, Bump, Branch, and Bees

Muppets: Harvey Kneeslapper’s “B”trick

Cartoon: An Indian guru counts to 20 (produced by Ken Snyder Enterprises; repeated as a Spanish dub)

Scene 3: Susan and Bob ask Crystal and Trey about the meaning of cooperation.

Cartoon: Two heads cooperate to row a boat

Muppets: Guy Smiley hosts “Beat the Time” with Grover as the contestant

Film/Song: “B is for Bubble”

Muppets/Cast: Maria reads the story of “The King’s Picnic”

Film: Iguanas (mariachi accompaniment)

Scene 4: The Count tells Susan about all the tasks he’s forgotten to do: buy groceries, turn down the heat in his castle, and return his overdue library books (all 54 of them). Susan says that he should go and accomplish those things, and writes down his tasks on a sheet of notebook paper. The Count decides to follow the list and cross off each task he completes…

Cartoon: A girl remembers to buy a loaf of bread, a container of milk, and a stick of butter for her mother

Scene 5: The Count approaches Susan and tells her that he went back to his castle and turned down the heat (one task done). Now he’s off to return his library books.

Cartoon: Two intersecting lines have an argument until they decide to take turns (by becoming dashed lines to let the other one pass)

Cartoon: A kitten knits a kerchief and a polka-dot mitten

Scene 6: The Count tells Susan that he’s returned his books (and paid exactly $101.92 in late fees). Now that he’s completed two tasks, he’s leaving to buy groceries at the supermarket. Susan gives an exasperated look to the camera.

Muppets: The Anything Muppets cheer for the letter K

Cartoon: K is for Kick

Cartoon: The Queen of Six (stop-motion animation by Jim Henson)

Muppets: Ernie tries to pair matching cookies together with difficulty. Cookie Monster shows him his expertise and then presents the best way of matching cookies - by eating them! “Now they’re crumbs and in my tummy. They match!”

Scene 7: The Count returns to Susan and joyfully declares that he’s completed all three items on the list. Then he realizes that he can do - and count - more tasks including ironing his capes, feeding his bats, taking his cat Fatatita for a walk, sweeping the belfry, polishing his monocles, and so on… Susan walks off, tired of hearing about all of the Count’s tasks.

Film/Song: “Indian Baby Bath” (by Joe Raposo)

Cartoon: B is for Bug (speech balloon)

Cartoon: B items on a brick wall (narration by Casey Kasem)

Muppet/Kid Moment: Grover and Loren count to 20

Film: Doll factory

Muppets: Ernie is sad because it’s raining so he can’t play baseball, so Bert tells him to pretend he’s playing baseball. In Ernie’s imagination, he hits a fly ball that lands in the ocean. Later Bert tells Ernie that the sun is out and he can go outside to play, but Ernie says that he can’t anymore - because his ball landed in the ocean.

Film/Song: “I Love Being a Pig” (by Joe Raposo)

Cartoon: The Country Fiddler - Six Snails (by Bud Luckey)

Cartoon: Jazz Spies #6 (repeat)

Scene 8: Big Bird, Snuffy, Crystal, and Trey are done with playing house. Big Bird suggests hopscotch, and Snuffy takes the first turn. As Bob walks past Big Bird’s nest, the street begins to shake from Snuffy’s jumping and he runs to his apartment in fright. Susan announces the sponsors. SS sign still: David. CTW sign still: the Count and Mr. Hooper.

Northern Calloway as David
Loretta Long as Susan
Sonia Manzano as Maria
Bob McGrath as Bob
Caroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar

Frank Oz as Bert, Grover, Cookie Monster, Harvey Kneeslapper, AMs
Jerry Nelson as Mr. Snuffleupagus, the Count, Herbert Birdsfoot, Herry Monster, Granny Grouch, AMs
Richard Hunt as AMs
Jim Henson as Ernie, Guy Smiley, AMs


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Nov 13, 2012
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Number 295 features Cookie Monster, Grover, David, Maria, Luis, and Mr. Hooper! Plus, Ernie and Bert visit the beach, and Johnny Cash sings "Nasty Dan" to Oscar the Grouch.

Sesame Street Old School Outline 295

Season 7: Cookie Monster can’t find any cookies/Professor Grover’s lecture

Sponsors: O, Z, 4

Insert/Celebrity: Johnny Cash sings, “Nasty Dan” to Oscar the Grouch

Cartoon: Z is for Zig, Zag, Zip, and Zoo

Cartoon: Flying Z in space

Film/Song: “Tooth Brushin’ Blues” (sung by Joe Raposo, over footage of a whale getting its teeth brushed)

Cartoon: Four construction workers build a number 4

Film/Song: Henson #4

Muppets: Grover the waiter tries to serve Mr. Johnson a sandwich that matches the picture on the menu

Cartoon: Find the camouflaged parrot (voiced by Paul Dooley)

Scene 1: Cookie Monster roams around Sesame Street, looking for cookies. He approaches Luis, Maria, and David separately but none of them can fulfill his need for cookies.

Cartoon: O is for Orange (animation by Bruce Cayard)

Film: Letter O hoist (music by Joe Raposo)

Scene 2: David takes Cookie to Hooper’s Store, but Mr. Hooper breaks the news to them that he is all out of cookies. Cookie Monster begins to have a nervous breakdown and Mr. Hooper quickly promises to get some cookies from the supermarket.

Film: The Mad Painter #4

Muppets: At the beach, Ernie can’t find Bert. Sherlock Hemlock arrives and after examining the clues, declares that Ernie buried Bert under the sand. Ernie frantically digs out Bert, covering Sherlock with sand in the process!

Cartoon: Spanish O words

Cartoon: Jazz Spies #4

Muppets: “Visual Thinking” - a hipster and a square imagine shapes

Cartoon: Circular objects (clock, sun, etc.)

Scene 3: David asks Cookie Monster if he’d like to eat something else until Mr. Hooper returns with the cookies. Cookie says he’d like something round like a cookie, so David quickly finds an orange and feeds it to him.

Cartoon: Two alpine climbers scale a giant letter Z

Cartoon/Song: The Country Fiddler - Four Big Lions (by Bud Luckey)

Muppets: Grover and Biff portray cavemen who invent the wheel using different shapes

Cartoon: Z is for Zebra

Cartoon: Z is for Zipper (speech balloon)

Film/Song: “Everybody Eats” (by Joe Raposo)

Scene 4: Cookie now wants something crunchy like a cookie, so Luis gives him a box of salted crackers. Cookie eats the whole thing, and then asks for some water.

Cartoon: An “O” limerick

Muppets/Song: Lefty the Salesman asks Ernie the musical question, “Would You Like to Buy an O?”

Film/Song: Henson #4 (repeat)

Scene 5: Cookie wants something sweet, so Maria gives him a piece of the apple pie that she just baked. Cookie Monster is still hungry, so he asks the adults to give him more oranges, crackers, and apple pie. They hurry off to get those items as Cookie anxiously waits.

Cartoon: String animation - Circles

Muppets: The Count subtracts four candle flames one by one

Cartoon: A boy adds 3 and 1 in his head and gets 4

Film: How pizza is made

Scene 6: Mr. Hooper returns to his store with two boxes of cookies, but the other adults tell him that Cookie Monster isn’t hungry anymore. They point to the side where Cookie (with a bloated stomach) is resting, having eaten several oranges, boxes of crackers, and the rest of Maria’s apple pie. Upon being greeted by Mr. Hooper, Cookie Monster perks up: “You know what? Me still have some room for dessert!” He takes a box of cookies and devours it.

Film/Song: “Hippopotamus Round”

Muppets: Bert shows off his bottle cap collection, which bores Ernie

Film: Triangles in everyday objects (sails, kites, etc)

Scene 7: Professor Grover gives a lecture about hair and skin. Maria, Luis, and the kids end up correcting Grover’s statements, e.g. “When you comb your hair, you use a mop! No? Then you must use a toothbrush! No? How about a paintbrush? A lawnmower?”

Cartoon: Sand Z/z

Muppets/Song: “The Zizzy Zoomers”

Cartoon: Kids narrate a letter Z drawing

Scene 8: David and the kids play basketball in the arbor area. Grover and Maria announce the sponsors in English and Spanish. SS sign still: Big Bird. CTW sign still: Bob.

Northern Calloway as David
Emilio Delgado as Luis
Will Lee as Mr. Hooper
Sonia Manzano as Maria
Caroll Spinney as Oscar

Frank Oz as Cookie Monster, Grover, Bert, Lefty the Salesman, AMs
Jerry Nelson as the Count, Mr. Johnson, Sherlock Hemlock, Biff, AMs
Jim Henson as Ernie, AMs


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Nov 13, 2012
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Number 296 features Big Bird, Oscar, the Count, Biff, Maria, and Susan! Plus, Ernie ruins Bert's surprise gift, Cookie Monster goes to the bakery, and Roosevelt Franklin teaches his class about high and low.

Sesame Street Old School Outline 296

Season 6: Big Bird wants to count like the Count

Sponsors: U, V, 2

Scene 1: Oscar asks Maria to stack a tower of tin cans to demonstrate tall and short. After Maria makes a tall tower, Oscar says he’ll do the rest. A loud foghorn sound comes out of his trash can, causing Maria to knock some of the cans over. Now the tower is short!

Muppets: The Amazing Mumford’s “surprise” magic trick (Herry Monster cameo)

Film: George the Farmer shows tall and short

Cartoon: A short bird stands under a tall bird, which lays an egg on its head

Film/Song: “What Are Kids Called?” (by Joe Raposo)

Muppets: Ernie asks Bert how to spell the word “HELP,” which concerns Bert. It turns out that Ernie is making a sign that says, “HELP YOURSELF” for a plate of cookies he’s made!

Film: A woman in a burning building calls for HELP

Cartoon: Flying V in space

Cartoon: A girl named Violet climbs a vine with V words

Muppets: Cookie Monster goes to Mike’s Bakery for something that rhymes with “buy.” He finds an “I” and a tie. When Guy Smiley enters to order a pie, Cookie suddenly knows what he wants to eat…GUY!

Scene 2: Susan and Biff sing, “Three of These Things” using three hardhats and a hammer.

Film/Song: “Doll House #2”

Cartoon: A dog learns about the letter U

Muppets: Sesame Street News Flash - Kermit attempts to ask what makes people angry, but everyone is too busy to answer his question. He gets more and more upset until he starts yelling at the camera furiously, ending the segment.

Cartoon: U is for Umbrella (speech balloon)

Muppets: Bert has wrapped a gift, which Ernie thinks is for himself. He tries to guess what’s inside the box and unwraps it before Bert can stop him. The gift ends up being a lady’s hat, which Bert had intended to give to his aunt Matilda.

Cartoon: The Country Fiddler - Toucan Two-Step (by Bud Luckey)

Cartoon: Jazz Spies #2

Film: A visit to the doctor’s office (music by Joe Raposo)

Scene 3: Big Bird observes the Count as he counts a trail of crumbs on the ground. Big Bird decides that he wants to learn how to count just like the Count.

Film/Song: Henson #2

Cartoon: The 2 Train

Muppets: Roosevelt Franklin Elementary School - High and Low

Cartoon: The Villain in the Panama Hat

Cartoon: Imagination V (animation by Jeff Hale)

Film/Song: “Who You Lookin’ At, Tiger?” (sung by Northern Calloway)

Scene 4: Big Bird (donning a large green cape, monocle, and bowtie) attempts to count pieces of birdseed, but he can’t get past five. Susan helps him count to ten, but Big Bird wants to count as high as the Count can.

Film: An ice cream man hands a boy several ice cream cones. The boy can’t hold them all and calls for HELP! Then several kids come and take the cones off his hands.

Muppets: Grover and Herbert Birdsfoot count to 20

Film: The jack-rabbit

Scene 5: Maria helps Big Bird count twenty pieces of birdseed, but Big Bird still isn’t happy. He quits in frustration and runs back to his nest.

Muppets: Ernie and Cookie Monster have an identity crisis until a green Anything Muppet points out their differences

Cartoon: Small v (animation by the Hubleys)

Cartoon: Sand V/v

Scene 6: Big Bird is sulking over his failure to count just like the Count. Susan, Maria, and the Count knock on Big Bird’s door and Big Bird reluctantly lets them in. Big Bird tells them that he was impressed by how the Count can count so high, and he wants to count just like him. The Count is flattered by Big Bird’s words, and offers to teach him how to count. Big Bird is thrilled: “Can you teach me how to count to one hundred?” The Count: “Certainly!” Bird: “How about one thousand?” Count: “Gladly!” Bird: “Maybe even…forty-nine?” Count: “Ha! Nothing would please me more!” Maria and Susan exchange quick smiles.

Film: The Mad Painter #2

Cartoon: U is for Ugly

Muppets: Harvey Kneeslapper’s “U” trick (“Do you mind if I take a picture of you?”)

Cartoon: A man (voiced by Jack Dodson) talks about places that begin with U and what you can do with the letter U

Cast/Song: Maria sings, “Three Whipped Cream Pies on the Wall” (with accompaniment from Bob, Luis, and David)

Film: Celebrating Chinese New Year

Cartoon: Christopher Clumsy talks about shapes

Scene 7: Big Bird and the Count have counted seven-hundred and eighty-six pieces of birdseed. Susan tells them that it’s time to go to bed, but they’re still having too much fun to stop! Susan closes her window as Big Bird and the Count continue counting. Maria announces the sponsors as the Count’s thunder and lightning go off. SS sign still: Bob. CTW sign still: Maria and Luis.

Northern Calloway as David
Emilio Delgado as Luis
Loretta Long as Susan
Sonia Manzano as Maria
Bob McGrath as Bob
Caroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar

Frank Oz as Bert, Cookie Monster, Grover, Harvey Kneeslapper, AMs
Jerry Nelson as the Count, Biff, the Amazing Mumford, Herry Monster, Herbert Birdsfoot, AMs
Matt Robinson as Roosevelt Franklin (voice only)
Jim Henson as Ernie, Guy Smiley, Kermit, AMs


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Nov 13, 2012
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Number 297 features Big Bird, the Count, Maria, Luis, and special guest Judy Collins! Plus, Ernie and Bert play a rhyming game, Marshal Grover rides again, and Kermit helps Don Music rewrite the lyrics to "Yankee Doodle."

Sesame Street Old School Outline 297

Season 8: Judy Collins visits

Sponsors: F, P, 7

Scene 1: Judy Collins wanders the street, looking for a repair shop for her broken guitar. Maria takes her to the Fix-It Shop where Luis is waiting for some customers. Upon seeing Judy’s broken guitar, he lights up and springs into action.

Muppets/Song: “City/Country Song”

Cartoon: F is for Frog & Fly

Cartoon: Filbert’s Flea Circus

Scene 2: Luis has repaired Judy’s guitar. He asks if he can join her in a song, and they sing an acoustic version of, “My Name.”

Cartoon: P is for Pin (speech balloon)

Cartoon: Pat the Pilot

Muppets: Ernie answers a telephone call that makes him and Bert experience happiness, sadness, anger, fear, and pride

Film/Song: Henson #7

Cartoon: A man counts seven bubbles

Film: A group of children play games in an African village

Muppets: The Count counts seven flowers, sniffing each one. Afterwards, he says that flowers make him sneeze and he proceeds to count seven sneezes!

Scene 3: Judy sings, “Leatherwing Bat” to Maria, Luis, and the kids.

Cartoon: Big, bigger, and biggest strongmen

Muppets: Marshal Grover and Fred the Wonder Horse go to the bar for a glass of milk. The bartender offers big, bigger, and biggest glasses of milk for them. Grover takes the biggest glass of milk and offers some to Fred, who passes: “No thanks, I’m driving!”

Cartoon: A cloud blows things with an “F” sound

Cartoon: Sand F/f

Film/Song: “Share in Your Fun With Another Someone”

Cartoon/Song: Pinball Number Count #7

Muppets: Cookie Monster sounds out the word “FOOD”

Scene 4: Big Bird wants to help Judy write a song, but none of his ideas rhyme with the theme of her song - love. Big Bird unknowingly expresses his frustration in rhyme, and Judy decides to use his words for her lyrics - giving him shared credit, of course.

Film: The story of Big and Little, two men who made beautiful music together

Muppets: Don Music attempts to write “Yankee Doodle,” but he has trouble with the lyrics. Kermit helps him change the words until the song is about Yankee Doodle cooking fat spaghetti in a pot for his pony! Chris and the Alphabeats enter to sing the song with Don.

Film: Termites

Cartoon: Two goats fight over which one gets to cross a path first

Cartoon: P is for Pack (speech balloon)

Film: Kids paint pictures of “P” items

Scene 5: The Count counts seven different chords that Judy plays on her guitar.

Film: The Mad Painter #7

Muppets: Ernie goads Bert into playing a rhyming game

Cast: The Sesame Street Subtraction Bowl (3-part sketch featuring Maria, Gordon, Luis, Mr. Hooper, and “Regular Kid”)

Cartoon: F is for Football

Film: Counting 10 zebras

Cartoon: Two heads cooperate to climb a fence to watch a sporting event

Insert/Song: Biff sings, “Song of the Tools” while demonstrating various tools. In the process he unwittingly destroys his workbench, ignoring Sully’s attempts to warn him.

Cartoon/Song: Jazz Spies #7

Celebrity: Richard Pryor tells a story about the letters of the alphabet

Cartoon: P is for Pillow

Muppets: Grover serves Mr. Johnson a little and a big hamburger

Cartoon: P is for Painting

Scene 6: Maria and Luis play soccer with the kids as Big Bird and the Count announce the sponsors together. SS sign still: Grover. CTW sign still: Ernie and Bert.

Emilio Delgado as Luis
Will Lee as Mr. Hooper
Sonia Manzano as Maria
Roscoe Orman as Gordon
Caroll Spinney as Big Bird
**Special guest: Judy Collins as herself**

Frank Oz as Bert, Grover, Cookie Monster, AMs
Jerry Nelson as the Count, Mr. Johnson, Biff, Fred the Wonder Horse, AMs
Richard Hunt as Don Music, Sully, AMs
Jim Henson as Ernie, Kermit, AMs


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Nov 13, 2012
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Number 298 features Big Bird, Bob, and Olivia! Plus, Kermit helps a princess learn Rumpelstiltskin's first name, Ernie paints a portrait of Bert, and Prairie Dawn presents a pageant about how flowers grow.

Sesame Street Old School Outline 298

Season 9: Big Bird’s singing lesson

Sponsors: J, T, 8

Insert: Ray Barretto and his band play a rhythmic Latin percussion groove that Luis, Maria, Oliva, Mr. Hooper, and the kids dance to

Muppets: Bert asks Ernie to take the laundry to the laundromat, but Ernie fills the basket with so many other items that he no longer has room for the laundry

Cartoon: T is for Typewriter and Toe

Cartoon: Typewriter Guy - T is for Train

Muppets: Sesame Street News Flash - Kermit interviews the princess who must figure out Rumpelstiltskin’s full name

Film: Fighting animals

Cartoon: Jazz Spies #8

Cartoon: A boy runs his sister up and down the stairs

Scene 1: Bob takes Big Bird to his apartment for a singing lesson. Olivia is curious to see what it’s like and asks if she can watch. Bob agrees to it, but Big Bird is slightly nervous.

Film: The Mad Painter #8

Muppets/Song: Cookie Monster sings, “Cookie Disco”

Cartoon: Jenny, Jeff, and the Jacket

Cartoon: Sand J/j

Film: A man bounces a ball up the steps. He drops it and it bounces back down the steps.

Cartoon: A man demonstrates up and down (animation by Al Jarnow)

Cartoon/Song: Pinball Number Count #8

Muppets: Super Grover and the Telephone Booth

Scene 2: In Bob’s apartment, Bob prepares Big Bird’s sheet music for a singing lesson. Bob asks to hear Big Bird sing a scale, but Big Bird sings very softly due to his nerves. Olivia and Bob request that he sing louder, so Big Bird sings a tiny bit louder. When Bob asks for it one more time, Big Bird sings so loudly that the adults cover their ears!

Muppets: The Count’s bats go on strike

Cartoon: The King of Eight (stop-motion animation by Jim Henson)

Cartoon: A man (voiced by Jim Thurman) asks a stranger for directions to the city. The stranger turns out to be an alien!

Film: T is for Toes

Cartoon: T is for Top (animation by Cliff Roberts)

Scene 3: Bob asks Big Bird to sing a short note, and Big Bird succeeds. Bob requests a long note, but Big Bird can’t hold his breath out long enough for the long note. Bob tries it, and delivers a longer note. Olivia asks if she can try, and she holds the longest note of them all! Bob and Big Bird are stunned.

Film/Song: “Take a Breath” (by Joe Raposo)

Cast: Charlie Chaplin (played by Maria) demonstrates long, longer, and longest with stretchy suspenders

Cartoon: The J Family Jamboree

Muppets: Prairie Dawn’s Flower Pageant - featuring Ernie, Herry, Cookie Monster, and Bert

Cartoon: They’d play with me if I had…

Insert/Song: Luis sings, “Fun to Wonder”

Film: Doll factory

Cartoon: Boy and the UP balloons

Muppets: Two Anything Muppets look at an 8

Film: Examples of people and animals going down (music by Joe Raposo)

Cartoon/Song: Penny Candy Man #8 (by Bud Luckey)

Scene 4: Olivia asks Big Bird to echo what she sings, leading to a rendition of “Sing After Me.” Bob accompanies them on the piano.

Film/Song: Henson #8

Muppets: Ernie paints a picture of Bert, but the portrait shows Bert with long hair and glasses. Bert is upset, so Ernie “fixes” the problem by putting a wig and glasses on Bert!

Cartoon: T is for Telephone (Spanish)

Film: The letter T is a very useful letter

Scene 5: Big Bird, Bob, and Olivia walk out onto Sesame Street and greet the kids in the arbor area. Oscar announces the sponsors. SS sign still: Maria. CTW sign still: Mr. Hooper.

Emilio Delgado as Luis
Will Lee as Mr. Hooper
Sonia Manzano as Maria
Bob McGrath as Bob
Alaina Reed as Olivia
Caroll Spinney as Big Bird

Frank Oz as Bert, Cookie Monster, Grover, AMs
Jerry Nelson as the Count, Herry Monster, AMs
Fran Brill as Prairie Dawn
Jim Henson as Ernie, Kermit, AMs


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Nov 13, 2012
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Number 299 features Oscar, Big Bird, Snuffy, the Count, Maria, and David! Plus, Ernie plans for a trip to the library, Grover presents the ONE WAY sign, and Guy Smiley hosts the Remembering Game.

Sesame Street Old School Outline 299

Season 10: Oscar opens a restaurant/Maria and David present love

Sponsors: E, N, 11

Scene 1: David gives Maria a bouquet of flowers and says, “love.” Maria presents David with a brand-new hat and says, “amor.” Then they kiss each other and repeat their words.

Cartoon: A man discovers what “love” is

Muppets: Cookie Monster shows “amor”

Film: Feeding elk (music by Robert Dennis)

Muppets: Ernie over-prepares for a trip to the library, which agitates Bert greatly

Cartoon/Song: “Lovely Eleven Morning” (by Bud Luckey)

Cartoon: N is for Nose (limerick poem, animation by Jeff Hale)

Scene 2: David and Maria ask the kids about the things they love.

Cartoon: A pair of arms hugs the word “LOVE”

Cartoon: A man saws out the letter E from a white background

Cartoon: Imagination E - “see me eating a peach” (animation by the Hubleys)

Muppet/Kid Moment: John-John counts to ten for Bert and Sherlock Hemlock

Cartoon: A magician tries to subtract six circles

Film: Trapeze artists demonstrate subtraction

Insert: Big Bird and Bob walk through Chinatown, but Big Bird is worried about seeing dragons. Bob reassures him that they’re just puppets and they’re not real. Suddenly a Chinese dragon pops out and scares Bob, but Big Bird tells him that it’s just a puppet.

Cartoon: E is for Eel

Muppets: Grover gives a lecture about the ONE WAY sign

Cartoon: Pinball Number Count #11

Cartoon: A man sounds out the words on a “ONE WAY” sign

Muppets: Old West - Five men round up to search for Bad Bart, but they have trouble counting themselves. At the end, one man reveals himself to be…Bad Bart!

Scene 3: Oscar opens a restaurant serving Grouch cuisine. David and Maria are repulsed by his offerings which include cold oatmeal with rotten apples, spaghetti with liverwurst and sour pickles, licorice & anchovy meatloaf, moldy cheese pizza, and mushroom cheesecake.

Cartoon/Song: “Lowercase n”

Film: The letter N is nice…

Cartoon: The Eleven Cheer (produced by Jim Henson)

Muppets: Waiter Grover serves hot dogs to the Count, who only wants to count them rather than eat them. When Grover refuses to get any more hot dogs, the Count hypnotizes him into bringing out multiple plates of hot dogs.

Film: Shopping for soup ingredients

Cartoon: An ant pushes a capital N into the center of the alphabet

Scene 4: The Count stops by Oscar’s restaurant, having had poor luck at Charlie’s restaurant. Oscar serves him a bowl of onion chowder with strawberries and chocolate syrup. The Count asks how many people have tried this before, and Oscar says that seventeen people have tried it and hated it. The Count counts “SEVENTEEN” and then tastes the chowder. After nearly choking on it, he revises this to “EIGHTEEN!”

Muppets: Ernie and Bert play a pretending game

Cartoon: E is for Erase

Cartoon: E is for elephant, eat, eagle, everybody, empty, and egg (voice by Casey Kasem)

Film: The story of James, who lives in a pueblo in Mexico

Scene 5: Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus play a guessing game together. Big Bird thinks of something big and brown in his home. Snuffy guesses the nest, the brick wall, and the toy chest but it’s none of those. The answer turns out to be Snuffy!

Cartoon: N is for Nail (speech balloon)

Film: The Mad Painter #11

Muppets: Hands count to 11 (voiceover by Fran Brill)

Cartoon: Joe’s lap (limerick)

Cartoon: Sand N/n

Muppets: Guy Smiley hosts “The Remembering Game” with Bill Smith and Cookie Monster as the contestants

Film: Kids narrate a film about bank tellers and the machines they use

Cartoon: 30 dots (one dot leaves in a coughing fit and a smaller dot replaces it)

Scene 6: Oscar closes his restaurant for good because he was doing something that made him happy - serving food that everyone on Sesame Street hates! As Maria and David ponder his reasoning, Oscar tries to give them the leftovers which they promptly turn down. Mr. Snuffleupagus announces the sponsors. SS sign still: Linda. CTW sign still: Luis.

Northern Calloway as David
Sonia Manzano as Maria
Bob McGrath as Bob
Caroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar

Frank Oz as Cookie Monster, Bert, Grover, AMs
Jerry Nelson as the Count, Sherlock Hemlock, Mr. Snuffleupagus, AMs
Jim Henson as Ernie, Guy Smiley, AMs


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Mar 16, 2019
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I agree. I am very interested to see how his series will go out.

Also, I may consider reviving my version of the Old School Outlines thread (based on the early 1980s) at some point.


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Nov 13, 2012
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Here it is. After over a month, it is finally here. My 300th and FINAL Sesame Street Old School Outline. Read on for more!

Sesame Street Old School Outline 300 (THE FINALE)

Season 10: Sesame Street block party (based on the 1978 album On the Street Where We Live - Block Party!), and all-time classic segments!

Sponsors: A, Z, 12

Scene 1: Big Bird wakes up early in the morning, excited for the Sesame Street block party. His excited ravings cause the neighbors to wake up, which Big Bird justifies as a reason for them to get ready for the party! He sings, “Come Along,” and the cast joins him in preparation for the block party. Mr. MacIntosh arrives with his fruit cart. The Count, Gladys the Cow, and Barkley make cameos throughout the episode.

Muppets: Waiter Grover serves little and big hamburgers to Mr. Johnson

Cartoon: Arthur and Annie look for the letter A, and find items that start with A (narration by Jim Thurman)

Film/Song: Henson #1

Muppets: Harvey Kneeslapper’s “1” trick

Film: Crocodile (music by Joe Raposo)

Muppets: Ernie counts noisy sheep and fire engines at night, to Bert’s dismay

Scene 2: Gordon sings, “Soul Food” while he, Mr. Hooper, and Willy serve up some burgers, fried chicken, and hot dogs.

Cartoon: A loaf of bread, a container of milk, and a stick of butter

Muppets: Sesame Street News Flash - Kermit interviews Prince Charming, who is about to save Rapunzel

Cartoon: A is for Ape (speech balloon)

Cartoon: A witch tells some bored kids a story filled with A words

Film/Song: “Chicken or the Egg” (by Joe Raposo)

Muppets: Guy Smiley hosts “Beat the Time,” with Cookie Monster as his contestant

Cartoon/Song: Ladybugs’ Picnic #12 (by Bud Luckey)

Scene 3: Susan sings, “Blowin’ My Bubbles” with the kids.

Cartoon: 12 Rocks (stop-motion animation by Jim Henson)

Muppets/Song: Little Jerry and the Monotones sing, “Telephone Rock”

Cartoon: Poverty Pictures’ Z segment

Cast/Song: Luis sings, “Three of These Things” (three police officers and one firefighter)

Film: A girl and her dad ride the bus through the city

Muppet/Kid Moment: Herry Monster and John-John count to 20

Scene 4: Luis says hello to Oscar and asks if he’s enjoying the party. Oscar snaps, “No” and sings, “Who Wants to Go to a Party?”

Film/Song: “Where Does the Garbage Go?”

Cartoon: Z is for Zebra and Zoo

Muppets: Super Grover learns that haircuts don’t hurt

Cartoon: Letter Z drawing

Cartoon: Sand Z/z

Scene 5: Olivia sings, “Block Party” with the cast. Linda signs the lyrics.

Film: People of all ages ride bicycles (music by Joe Raposo)

Muppets: Ernie and Bert - The Banana in the ear (2-part sketch)

Cartoon: A mother birds feeds her babies a large number 12

Cartoon/Song: Pinball Number Count #12 (animation by Jeff Hale)

Muppets/Song: “Fat Cat Sat Hat” - featuring Bip Bipadotta

Scene 6: David, Susan, Gordon, Bob, Maria, Luis, Big Bird, and the kids play baseball in the arbor area. Big Bird is nervous about his turn at bat, but everyone sings, “Just One Person” to lift his spirits. Afterwards, Big Bird confidently steps up and hits a home run!

Film: Closeups of an apple tree

Muppets/Song: Grover sings, “What Do I Do When I’m Alone?”

Cartoon: A girl draws an “A”

Celebrity: The Fonz (Henry Winkler) says, “Aaaaaa…”

Cartoon: Typewriter Guy - A is for Airplane

Muppets: Roosevelt Franklin Elementary School - Poems about Pride

Scene 7: Bob sings, “Here in My Neighborhood” while cleaning up the street with his neighbors.

Film: Finding letters of the alphabet in the city (music by Joe Raposo, child voiceover for each letter)

Muppets: Ernie and Bert - Fish in the Cowboy Hat

Cartoon: 30 dots (perfect take)

Scene 8: The camera pans down the street as night falls. Bob returns to his apartment with Linda, Mr. Hooper closes his store, Maria draws her blinds, the Robinsons (Gordon, Susan, and Olivia) enter the 123 apartment, Luis and David head to the bus stop, and Big Bird goes to sleep in his nest. As the Sesame Street lamppost goes dark, Jerry Nelson announces the sponsors in his normal voice. SS sign still: Oscar. CTW sign still: Mr. Hooper.

Linda Bove as Linda
Northern Calloway as David
Emilio Delgado as Luis
Will Lee as Mr. Hooper
Loretta Long as Susan
Kermit Love as Willy
Sonia Manzano as Maria
Bob McGrath as Bob
Chet O’Brien as Mr. MacIntosh
Roscoe Orman as Gordon
Alaina Reed as Olivia
Caroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar

Frank Oz as Bert, Cookie Monster, Grover, Harvey Kneeslapper, Prince Charming, and AMs
Jerry Nelson as the Count, Herry Monster, Mr. Johnson, Little Jerry, and AMs
Richard Hunt as Gladys and AMs
Brian Meehl as Barkley
Matt Robinson as Roosevelt Franklin (voice only)
Jim Henson as Ernie, Kermit the Frog, Guy Smiley, Bip Bipadotta, and AMs


This outline is dedicated to Emilio Delgado, who passed away on March 10, 2022 at the age of 81. He played Luis - the owner/proprietor of the Fix-It Shop - on Sesame Street for 45 years, which is one of the longest-running TV roles by a Latino actor in history.

Thank you to the original Sesame Street cast, producers, animators, filmmakers, directors, musicians, puppeteers, writers, and crew whose body of work from 1969-1979 inspired me to make these outlines: Joan Ganz Cooney, Lloyd Morrisett, Jon Stone, Dave Connell, Samuel Y. Gibbon, Jr., Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Caroll Spinney, Jerry Nelson, Richard Hunt, Fran Brill, Caroly Wilcox, Brian Meehl, Bob McGrath, Loretta Long, Matt Robinson, Emilio Delgado, Sonia Manzano, Roscoe Orman, Alaina Reed, Will Lee, Northern Calloway, Linda Bove, Don Sahlin, Kermit Love, John Lovelady, Robert Myhrum, Neil Smith, Joost Van Rees, Robert Cunniff, Dulcy Singer, Emily Squires, Chet O’Brien, Jimmy Baylor, Frankie Biondo, Jeff Moss, Jerry Juhl, Norman Stiles, Emily Perl Kingsley, Joseph A. Bailey, Bob Oksner, Ray Sipherd, David Korr, Dan Wilcox, Tony Geiss, Judy Freudberg, Lisa Simon, Joe Raposo, Chris Cerf, Sam Pottle, David Axlerod, Danny Epstein, Dave Conner, Alan J. Compton, Victor DiNapoli, Nat Mongioi, Ozzie Alfonso, Ralph Mensch, Dick Maitland, Barbara Wood, Edith Zornow, Edward L. Palmer, Ph.D., Gerald S. Lesser, Ph.D, Jeff Hale, John & Faith Hubley, Cliff Roberts, Bruce Cayard, John Korty, Ken Snyder, and many more.

Thank you to everybody on Muppet Central who has read the Sesame Street Old School Outlines. Your comments and feedback were deeply appreciated as well. I wrote these outlines with you all in mind, and it was great to have your support and admiration. The first outline was posted nearly eight years ago on July 12, 2014, and the last one is now being posted on April 5, 2022. I hope you enjoyed them just as much as I did.

Now I will conclude with the words of Jim Henson, one of the people who helped Sesame Street become a worldwide phenomenon and the most successful TV show of all time:
“Watch out for each other. Love everyone and forgive everyone, including yourself. Embrace and open up your love, your joy, your truth, and most especially your heart.”

Be well, and take care of yourselves. Thanks for joining me on this journey!