Sesame Street/Fraggle Rock Crossover Outline


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Dec 28, 2016
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Something I was kicking around with. This is an outline for an episode of "Sesame Street" if the Fraggle Five came to visit. It's not as good as some of @cjd874's old school Sesame Street outlines, but, hey, why not?

This would be in Season 19

Sponsors: F, R, and 5

SCENE 1: Big Bird and Gordon welcome the viewer to Sesame Street, and are on their way to Hooper's Store. Big Bird begins singing, and they hear something coming from that little box thing in front of Bert and Ernie's apartment. As Big Bird and Gordon investigate, the noises they hear turn out to be music, and up comes Gobo, Mokey, Wembley, Boober, and Red Fraggle, singing the demo version of the Fraggle Rock theme song. When they're finished singing, they introduce themselves to a slightly dumbstruck Gordon and Big Bird.

ANIMATION: F for Fly and Frog

SONG: "Take a Breath"

FILM: Elephant bath at the Bronx Zoo (using "Splish Splash" by Bobby Darin)

MUPPETS: Sesame Street News Flash: Hickory Dickory Dock

SCENE 2: The Fraggles explain how they found their way to Sesame Street (they heard singing, and wanted to check it out). Then they begin to sing "Fraggles in Your Neighborhood" (which is a take on "People in Your Neighborhood"):

Mokey: Gobo goes from place to place
Exploring into outer space
So if you need to know were to go
Just come and ask for our Gobo

Gobo: There's a Fraggle and her name is Red
She's got pigtails on top of her head
She loves to swim and be number one
But most of all she loves having fun

Red: Wembley is a very good friend
He'll be your buddy 'til the end
Though he can never make up his mind
He's lovable and sweet and kind

Wembley: Boober doesn't dance or sing
Doing laundry is his favorite thing
So if you have some dirty socks
Come see Boober down in Fraggle Rock

Boober: If you like good poetry
Just come down and visit with Mokey
She gathers radishes for us to eat
But her poetry just can't be beat

All: Oh we are the Fraggles in your neighborhood
In your neighborhood
In your neighborhood
Yes, we are the Fraggles in your neighborhood
We're the Fraggles that you meet
When you're walking down the street
We're the Fraggles that you meet
Each day!

ANIMATION: Pinball #5

MUPPETS: Little Chrissy & The Alphabeats sing "You're Alive"

FILM: "Real Cats Drink Milk" (A variety of cat-shaped objects walk in front of the screen.)

MUPPET KID MOMENT: Kermit and Joey sing the alphabet ("Cookie Monster isn't a letter of the alphabet!")

SCENE 3: Big Bird and Gordon take the Fraggles to Hooper's Store for some food. The Fraggles want their favorite food, radishes. Unfortunately, Gina can't serve them, because she doesn't have any radishes. Boober naturally thinks this is a catastrophe, but Big Bird tries to convince the Fraggles to try something new.

SONG: "Peanut Butter" (Joe Raposo)

ANIMATION: R for Rhinocerous

MUPPETS: Two-Headed Monster seat belts

FILM: How Crayons Are Made

SCENE 4: The Fraggles are now sitting in the arbor, coloring with crayons. Telly Monster sees them, and panics about what they are, considering he has never seen a Fraggle before. Gordon explains who they are, and Telly thinks they're having fun, and wants to join them, but he's afraid they won't let him. Gordon encourages him to go ask if he can color with them. Telly and Boober start bonding over their worries.

CAST: Maria and Linda demonstrate Same and Different

CARTOON: Jazz #5

FILM: Sand F

CELEBRITY: The Four Tops sing "Standing at the Bus Stop Sign," while waiting for the bus to arrive. Big Bird pulls up in an imaginary bus.

SCENE 5: The Fraggles sing the "Sesame Street" theme song for their new friends, and this starts a jam session. Gobo interrupts to announce the sponsors, and ending credits play over the jam session.
Gobo: Sesame Street is a production of the Children's Television Workshop.
Red: Hey!
Gobo: Hmm?
Red: How'd you do that?
Gobo: What?
Red: Make those words appear up there like that?
Gobo: (shrugs) I don't know.
Red: Oh. (both go back to jamming)