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Apr 22, 2004
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Has anyone noticed how certain Muppet series do things in sequences and in a special order? For example.....

The Animal Show: First they have the introduction, then That's Amazing, the first guest, Baby Talk, a song, a quiz, Cooking with Yves, the second guest who sings a song, Animal Awards, a story, Habitat Time, a second quiz, and goodbye.

The Hoobs: The question of the day, Hoobnet search, a story, Tiddlypeep visit, a song, Roma's reports, a second Tiddlypeep visit, a Motorettes song, and Hoob News.

Elmo's World: The topic of the day, Mr. Noodle, kids and a baby, Elmo's counting game, an e-mail, the question drawer, a film with kids, The TV, a visitor, Dorothy's imagination, and Elmo's piano song.

Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck: Someone calls an order, getting the ingredients, driving off to get the missing ingredient and learn where it comes from, making the dish, Gonger hitting his gong, sending the food by catapult, Gonger saving something nice for Cookie Monster, and the customer happy.