Seeking favor from someone with Muppet Magazine collection


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Apr 13, 2002
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I'm working on an article for Muppet Freak about the Henson/Chick Fil A situation and need a huge favor from someone who has all/most issues of Muppet Magazine.

You know how CFA ads often feature cows with signs saying Eat more chicken? I'm pretty sure a similar photo gag appeared in an issue of MM (probably the other way around with chickens sporting signs saying Eat more beef. If i'm remembering correctly these photos would have been in the Mondo Muppet section but i could be wrong since it's been a long time since i've had my copies.

If someone could send me a copy of the photo in question that would be best! But even if you don't have the ability to scan/send pic, i can still very much use details about it - what issue, an exact description, page number, etc.

If someone can get back to mas asap, that would be appreciated since i'd like to have the article posted this weekend.