Sag*Aftra notice to puppeteers


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Oct 2, 2017
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It must be really sad for everybody every time this happens, because of clear conflict of interest.
It's all in there. To quote SAG-AFTRA notice (with possible comments later on):
February 28, 2020

It has come to the union’s attention that puppeteers are being required to sign "Stunt Puppeteer" contracts on productions where these principal performers are being hired to perform only puppeteering work as contemplated by the SAG-AFTRA Basic Agreement (it is very sad that this has become an issue).

Puppeteers are hereby advised that they should refuse to execute these contracts unless they are being hired to perform stunt work (brinksmanship) and should insist on customary principal performer contracts (outrageous demands). Puppeteers should also notify SAG-AFTRA when this occurs (unacceptable business conduct).

In the event a producer refuses to reissue the appropriate contracts, puppeteers should advise producers to contact the union to discuss the matter (appalling communications).