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Redneck Test


Well-Known Member
Feb 4, 2003
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Okay, here’s something humorous I came up with. (I think the Americans on this board will be more likely to understand it, though). I call it the Redneck Test.

1. The (US) Civil war was fought over:
a. Slavery.
b. States’ rights.
c. Was fought? You mean it’s over?

2. General Lee was:
a. A traitor
b. An honorable man
c. A great car

3. Two words: Uncle Jesse. Now whose image popped in your head?
a. John Stamos
b. Denver Pyle
c. Your own uncle.

4. Orange is associated with
a. William and Mary
b. Road Construction barrels and signs
c. Deer hunters’ vests

5. The national pastime is
a. Baseball
b. Football

6. Gomer Pyle’s accent is
a. Grating
b. Strong
c. How most people you know talk

7. Why did the chicken cross the road?
a. To get to the other side.
b. To get away from Col. Sanders
c. To show the armadillo that it could be done.

8. The biggest, fanciest house in your neighborhood is:
a. A mansion
b. A farmhouse
c. A double-wide

9. The TV show that best describes your community is:
a. Leave it to Beaver
b. The Andy Griffith Show
c. Green Acres

10. Your dream vehicle is
a. A sedan
b. A pickup
c. A four-wheeler (ATV)

Score 0 points for an A answer, 2 for a B, and 3 for a C.
0-8 You Yankee!
9-16 Maybe has been to the South
17-24 Probably from the South
25-30 No “might be” about it, you are a redneck.


Well-Known Member
May 21, 2005
Reaction score
I'm pitiful. I am a Southerner and I got 17. Oh wait...that's "Probably from the South." nevermind. XD


Well-Known Member
Aug 8, 2003
Reaction score
I got "maybe has been to the south. But then again, I am a southerner!


9-16 Maybe has been to the South

EDIT: Supermuppet ziffeled me!

Sgt Floyd

Well-Known Member
Feb 5, 2006
Reaction score
0-8 You Yankee!

YAY! My 3 months living in the south hasnt changed me a bit! (Origionally from philadelphia, moved to SC about...3 months ago)