Real airdates for Seasons 7?


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Sep 26, 2003
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I noticed according to Wikipedia and the Muppet Wiki that the airdates for Season 7 and 8 seem somewhat in accurate. Well, on Wikipedia the airdates for Season 8 seem accurate, but it says Season 7 began airing on December 2, 1989 with "It's Only Pretendo." I don't think that's true. Consider how Season 6 had 11 episodes, which would be an average run for a later season in a Saturday morning cartoon, and Season 7 had 15 episodes. I'm pretty sure that the 7th season premiere date for "It's Only Pretendo" was most likely September 15, 1990 or maybe even September 8. The Season 7 episodes that allegedly aired in December 1989 to January 1990 still have a copyright date of 1990 (in Roman numerals, of course). Also there were quite a few production crew changes; most notably was Rob Walsh's music being replaced with Robert Irving and Hank Soryan, and it was quite jarring. Sound editorial was also changed from B&B Sound to West Productions, and as a result the sound effects drastically changed (they were using more realistic and modern sounds all of a sudden compared to the older Hanna-Barbera sound effects heard in prior seasons). I don't think they would really do that in the middle of a season's production cycle.

The copyright info for each season can be found here. Note that the last five Season 3 episodes got held over to the start of Season 4, but that's a different case from here...