Practice Puppet Sale - send us to the fest!


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Jun 19, 2006
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Buy a puppet and send Up In Arms to the regional puppet festival! The northeast regional puppet festival is the first weekend in September. This is a wonderful opportunity to continue educating puppeteers like myself who are beyond college years. Help send David and Emily of Up In Arms by purchasing one of Up In Arms' practice puppet lemmings at only $60. What a bargain! (Flat shipping fee: $5 on all orders.) We didn't plan on attending the regional fest due to financial concerns but wanted to make one last-minute push. I have so many practice puppets that don't get used so decided to put a few up for sale. I'm selling only 4 of the moss green, 3 of the teal and 3 of the maroon. T-shirts and posters are still available at the Up In Arms store as well. Help send a puppeteer (or two) to 'camp'! Peace & puppets - David