Phoenix Arizonan needing ride to first local showing of Muppets Most Wanted


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Apr 13, 2002
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Now that we're a month away i'm trying to get something worked out with someone somehow early since my experience last movie almost ruined the whole film for me.

Just like with "The Muppets", i'm sure when "Muppets Most Wanted" comes out, there will be theatres doing a premiere showing at midnight as opposed to waiting til the daytime to do their first screenings. I don't have a car and the Phoenix Arizona bus system is pathetic and not operating that late at night. Last time around, I was at least able to get a bus to the theatre early but was not able to get a ride home (even though I spent the entire evening with a rather humiliating "Need ride home (19th Ave/Cactus)" sign on my back all evening thinking that MUPPET FANS of all people would be generous enough but the long multi-hour walk home proved otherwise. I CAN'T go through that again this year because i'm recovering from a broken ankle (which has so far essentially defined my 2014 - next doctor visit is 3/7 and i'm kind of hoping to treat seeing the Muppet movie as a little bit of a celebration of being healed - though realistically even though i'll probably no longer have to use a walker, I still probably won't be able to totally walk normally or painfree yet at that point.)

I know it seems like a small thing but it means a huge amount to me not just for the ability to see it as soon as possible several hours ahead of normal, but more due to the following: There really is NOTHING for Muppet fans in Arizona to have any kind of community, to meet or connect with each other. You all on the East coast are used to being to attend several different events a year where fellow Muppet fans get to meet each other and mingle with members of the Muppet team at special screenings or celebrations or such. The premiere showing of a Muppet movie is pretty much the only way someone like me can be around and meet other Muppet fans. (Even if there was stuff in California I don't have the means to attend due to no car and being overall financially disadvantaged - the missed work due to the ankle hasn't helped in that area either!) You may ask if the "breed" of Muppet "fans" I attended the premiere screening of "The Muppets" with are any indication, why I would want to associate with them again. Well hopefully I wouldn't go back to that same theatre - I was limited by the bus schedules in 2011 as to which theatre I could get to and went to one that was more on the outskirts of the city as opposed to one that would be more central Phoenix and more populated. Hopefully this year I can be among the city's "real" Muppet fans.

Last time I tried to find someone on Craigslist but all that generated were sexual replies (besides the fact that i'm not posting in a sex category, how on earth does "Muppet Fan needing a ride to new movie's premiere" translate to "looking to go to bed with a stranger?"!!)

I know I haven't been on much lately so newer members may not know why this kind of thing means so much to me. I've spent much of the last decade plus struggling with end-of-life issues and realizing that i'm at a point in my life where there really is no hope of things changing or getting better and i'm just filling in time until my death trying to get by with whatever enjoyment and happiness I can find and it's typically just my areas of fandom that keeps me holding on. Things like seeing this new movie is what's kept me breathing and facing each day so far. I just want the experience to justify it and not make me want to just end it all then and there.

Hopefully I can find a ride to and from this year. At least if I can't get a ride home, since the movie's on a Thursday-going-into-Friday, I won't have to work in the morning so I could just sleep at the bus stop for several hours til the first bus of the morning comes by if it comes down to that but still i'd like to avoid that if it all possible and save that as a last resort plan.

Of course i'll offer whatever gas money I can but please remember my basic overall financial situation - I may not be able to afford going to a restaurant before or afterwards if you want to stop somewhere to eat (i'll come with if you do but won't be eating anything myself). I won't even really know until that day if i'll have enough for popcorn at the movie and might very well be sacrificing meals and such that whole week to insure i'll be able to pay for the movie ticket itself.

Hopefully there's a Muppet fan in the Phoenix area that has joined or come back to the boards since November 2011 - please don't hesitate to contact me. You can pm me through the forum or email me direct at (just please put "Muppet" on your subject heading so I don't mistake it for spam and delete it unread.) Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.