Pedigree Fraggle Puppets


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May 20, 2002
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Any UK fraggle fans out there? Of course there are. Anyhoo, I just got this 80s Pedigree toy catalogue thing from eBay featuring all of the plush Fraggle Rock & vinyl doozers the company made. What got my attention were 3 fraggle puppets though, Gobo, Red & Traveling Matt. Since this was sort of a " salesmen " catalogue thing where companies could order stuff, I dunno if these puppets ever made it into production. I've been haunting the Interweb for Fraggle Rock stuff for a good 21 years now and I've never seen these puppets anywhere. So, does anyone know if they ever happened? I do know that in like, 1988, Dakin made a few fraggle puppets but until the Manhattan Toys fraggle puppets, there really hasn't been any others produced. Here's a pic