Old School Volume 2 coming this fall

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Mar 22, 2006
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If the new Old School DVD set features more material from 1969 to 1974 here are some skits & songs that I would love to see.


Mahna Mahna (Sesame Street Version)

Kermit & Fuzzy Face talk about the word IN

Lulu's Back In Town

Pick Your Pet Game Show

Lefty Tries To Sell Ernie An 8

The Mr. & Mrs. Game Show

Kermit's What Happens Next Machine

More Bert & Ernie Classics


Up & Down

MAD by Little Jerry & The Monotones

Goin For A Ride

Simond Soundman wants to use Ernies telephone

Lefty tries to sell Ernie a STOP sign

Bert & Ernie fight over the chair

Ernie Finds Harry Monster's Ball

Harvey Kneeslaper Skits


Kermit & Bob's Lecture on Frogs

Kermit's Lecture On Hands

More Sesame Street News Flashes

More Bert & Ernie Classics

Here are some more bits that I would love to see on the new volume but I am not sure what year they aired.

Simond Soundman Wants To Buy A Trumpet

Some & None by Bip Bippadotta

Grover The Waiter: Simon Soundman wants a cluck-cluck sandwich

SAD by Little Jerry & The Monotones

PROUD by Little Jerry & The Monotones

Lefty & Boss skits

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Jan 2, 2005
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How about this:

Season 6 Classic Cuts:
-Telephone Rock
-Count it Higher**
-Lefty and the Golden AN**
-Sinister Sam Looks for Doc Holiday*
-A World Without Music w/Jose Feliciano
-Yip-Yip Martians: Grandfather Clock**
-Simon Soundman at Charlie's Restaurant*
-The Geefle and the Gonk*
-Beat the Time: Grover*
-Country-City Song
-Somebody Come and Play (Big Bird's version)*
-Caveman Days: Sherlock Hemlock Invents Paper
-Mumford's Surprise Magic Trick*
-Sesame Street News Flash: Don Music writes "Mary Had a Bicycle"
-Season 6 Credit Crawl

Season 7 Classic Cuts:
-I Want a Monster to Be My Friend
-One of These Things (with Sam the Robot)
-Bob and Luis' Train Tunnel
-Prairie Dawn's Pageant: Let's Make a Face
-1-2-3-4-5 (cartoon)
-Hands Count to 11
-Grover the Waiter: Big or Little Hamburger?
-The King Banishes the Letter P
-Season 7 Credit Crawl

Season 8 Classic Cuts:
-Pink Panther K for Karate
-Different Ways (with Big Bird and Buffy)
-Ernie & Bert Play Doctor
-Harvey Kneeslapper's "Give Me 5" Prank
-I Am Crying (cartoon)
-Monsterpiece Theater: Upstairs, Downstairs
-Tap Dancers Subtract
-Super Grover: Fighting Over an Apple
-Season 8 Credit Crawl

Season 9 Classic Cuts:
-One Way
-Count Up to Nine
-M in Space
-Counting the Floors
-That Furry Blue Mommy of Mine
-Alphabet Chat: R
-Letter B
-Two is You and Me
-The Opposite Song
-Cookie Disco
-That's What Reading's All About
-This Frog
-Season 9 Credit Crawl

Season 10 Classic Cuts:
-Bert's Nephew Brad
-The 10 Commandments of Health
-Monster Disco In and Out
-Wonder Child w/Helen Reddy
-The Dirtiest Town in the West
-The Wonderful World of T-Shirts
-Season 10 Credit Crawl

*Originally from Season 3
**Originally from Season 4

Whaddya think?


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Apr 16, 2002
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ALl I can say is I really really hope they have the Star Wars episode featured in some way.
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