Need help identifying Muppet Babies episode that portrayed Gonzo on a dinner date with Miss Piggy with a robot butler preparing them an entrée


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Aug 22, 2023
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Hello Everyone,

I need help identifying a Muppet Babies episode which aired from 1984-1991. In this episode there is a very brief scene where I believe Gonzo invites Miss Piggy to have a meal together. A robot chef/butler appears and prepares a meal for Gonzo to share with Miss Piggy. The meal turns out to be eggs cooked “over easy” and still runny. Miss Piggy leaves in disgust.

Can't remember the rest, I think the robot chef/butler then goes berserk/malfunctions. All I can remember is snippet of a scene in which Gonzo is served a meal involving eggs. I don't believe the Robot was an animation either, it was an old 50's/60's video clip of some robot. Only the arms and plate being served to Gonzo were shown as animated.

Please help me identify which season, episode #/name title this scene is from.

I just watched Season 8 "Eight Flags Over the Nursery" and none of the scenes in that episode match up with the above description.