My Muppet Photo Puppet Collection


Mar 9, 2011
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Hello all,
I joined up because lateley I have a renewed and refreshed interest in the Muppets.
I started watching all the movies again - some of which I have not seen since I was little - and have been enjoying myself. I also recently started collecting the Master Replicas photo puppets. I always wanted them, but didn't want to collect unless I got Kermit (which as we know is super rare and very expensive) however, a strange hand of fate had me purchasing a Kermt replica with the box and all the trimmings for a price you would not I decided to get Gonzo off Ebay for a reasonable price.
I still have to get Animal, but I am hoping to learn more abou this hobby through being a member here.
One thing I would like to try and develop, it it's not already out there, is a service that can produce new outfits for the MR Muppet replicas. I would love to see the Gonzo in a new outfit, perhaps the one he wore in Muppet Caper/ Takes Manahatten - even a Luke Skywalker costume for Kermit and a Vader for Gonzo.
Ayhoo - I'm ranting now....I will post pics of my muppet replicas shortly...