Muppet Song Questions


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Apr 14, 2002
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Hey Folks,
I recently got MP3s of some songs from soundtracks and albums not currently readily availabe, and after a few of them have come up on my iPod, I have some questions that I was hoping some of you might be able to help me answer. Just last night, Gonzo's "Sugar Shack" played, from the Beach Party album, and while it clearly features Steve and Dave as Rizzo and Gonzo, Camilla is apparently featured, but it doesn't at all sound like Jerry's classic voice for her. It just seems like a random chicken. Does anyone know who performed her on this. No leads at Muppet Wiki. Maybe someone has liner notes, somewhere, which hopefully have the answer?

Also, from the Great Muppet Caper soundtrack, there's the music that plays during the big finale, where the Muppets are fighting with Nicky and his ladies for the Baseball Diamond. As you all likely know, it becomes much like a baseball game, in and of itself, tossing the diamond around like a ball. Listening to the song that plays, without dialogue or anything, on top, there is a sort of classic "Ra ra!" cheer going on. Basically, from my one listen, all I picked out was "Go, Muppets!" before the rest became indecipherable. Of course, I was driving, at the time, with all the noise that comes with that, and I wasn't going to rewind and concentrate on the words. I swear that Jim Henson, himself, gets namechecked, too, but that would be odd, in the context of a Muppet film, though I obviously never heard it in past viewings, so if true, it could be considered a nice little Easter Egg. Either way, if anyone has any info on the full cheer, I'd appreciate that, as well. Thanks, in advance!