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"Muppet Guys Talking" on Good Morning America March 16, 2018


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Sep 7, 2002
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Yeah. It would be great to have him return to play his characters on occasion like he did for a time on SS, but let's not forget the great job Eric has been doing with his characters and Dave as Cookie Monster, we don't want them to be out of work. Though I could see him doing a Grover/Cookie interaction like he has before or maybe even a Muppet project where Frank's characters could have a rare interaction with each other. He could play Piggy to Frank's Fozzie or vice versa. Just some food for thought.


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Mar 11, 2009
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I want you guys to weigh in on this theory why Frank did a voice here when normally he doesn't.
Jarrod Fairclough: Have either of you seen the GMA interview?
Steve Swanson: Unfortunately I missed that.
JD Hansel: Not yet.
Jarrod: Well, the woman asks Frank to do Animal's voice. And I watched it thinking Frank's gonna go "Oh, I don't really do that." But he did it!
JD: What?
Steve: (Gasp) What?!
Jarrod: Yeah! It's only for maybe a second or 2, but he does it. I had to pause it, cause I'm like "No, surely that didn't happen, surely I had a stroke halfway through watching this," but Frank did a voice for someone.
Steve: Wow!
Jarrod: That really surprised me. So I don't know if his opinion changed a little bit or he thought "For the sake of the documentary, I might give it a go". He doesn't wanna come across too unlikable or too ungrateful.
JD: What's the context? Was he doing it to make a point?
Jarrod: No, they were talking about character voices, and she says to Frank "Can you do a bit of Animal for me?" And he does it.
Steve: That is just incredible.
JD: I think because it was Animal, he was probably okay with it. I betcha had they asked for Piggy or Fozzie, he probably would of drawn a line, he might have given Cookie Monster, probably not Grover, I don't know. But he's careful with the dimensional characters, but with how much he's reduced Animal to a one-dimensional character, as long as he's not really doing any words there, he's probably not much of a problem, cause Animal is more of a voice than a character in some respects.
Steve: But just the fact that this poor woman survived that, that's incredible!


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Nov 15, 2011
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I had the same exact thoughts when I first watched it. You can see him think for a moment, wanting to instinctively say "I've moved past that", but realizes the position he is in and what he is promoting. I think it was a nice choice on his part (especially for us fans)