Miss Piggy and Kermit Puppet replicas for sale


Jul 23, 2016
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Hi all, sorry for the delay. My experience overall with Mike was okay. I had to do a lot of checking in, and his tone shifted a lot but I got the puppets as promised. I wish there was an easier way of posting the pics on here. My ask price is going to be higher than $2500 after all. I fall I love with her each time I pull her out, it's just not worth selling her for how much I paid as she's actually really that good of a replica. Let me figure out this pic situation. If you want please email me (I realized I had misspelled my email earlier) anfernrod@gmail.com, and I can send you pics.

Megan Murphy

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Aug 5, 2016
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Hi all, I had purchased a couple of replicas Built by a previous muppeteer about a year ago and while they are fantastic, I have no use for them and am looking to sell. A full bodied Miss Piggy photo puppet model and a full body Kermit puppet. As they were built by a professional I did pay a few thousand dollars for them but open to the offers. Reach out to me via thread or anfernord@gmail.com and I'll send you pics and details. Thanks
I am very interested, can you please send me photos. Are they master replicas? How much for both