Looking for an Arnold Shwartzenegger puppet for $75.00 or less


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Jul 12, 2002
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my friend, there are some awesome puppet builders here and what you have asked is, " Can you make a Super awesome Puppet for $75 dollars." Well as some of my fellow posters have noted most of us spended $75 dollars of the materials to make a puppet.

So you have asked something practically not do-able....and asked a builder basically to work for free. so if you feel that some here are a little miffted, or sarcastic thats why.

Puppet building is an art and even if we could build you a puppet for $75 we probably not be very proud of it.... it would be quick and sloppy. Most take pride in what they do and spend a lot of VAULABLE TIME making puppets. Thats were the price comes in.

If you want a cheap puppet my thought would be to go to Oneway street puppet productions and get a generic puppet that you can add a voice to it and maybe a costume to make it look like Arnold the Governator.