Later Shows: Drop in Parental Enjoyment?

Cantus Rock

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Jul 29, 2002
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I'm watching Sesame Street after an unnecessary all-nighter.

The show is, without a doubt, still the greatest educational show of all time. Hands down, the level of quality on Sesame Street in terms of education has been consistant since its origins.

However, with the recasting of characters, and the induction of new characters, there may be a bit of a drop. Not necessarily a drop in the quality if looked at from the newly set target audience standpoint (what did it get changed to, like 2-4 years?). I think though, that the enjoyability has taken a bit of a slow-up when it comes to parents. Originally, Sesame Street was great because parents and their children could watch together and subsequently enjoy it all. However now, with characters like Elmo and Zoey (both well acted characters), it seems like the needs of the children are the only ones being met.

Keep in mind I see no problem with this; obviously, children come first with Sesame Street. I'm just wondering if this stagger in the presentation is seen by anyone besides myself. So, do you feel that Sesame Street has shifted away from a parent-and-child-enjoyment medium as well, or what? :smile: