Janice's Proposal (A FloydXJanice story)


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Apr 24, 2012
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Hey guys! Srry that I haven't been posting anything in like.....EVER! I got totally interested into Vets Hospital on the Muppet Show and I decided to combine it to a VERY important nurse....not Nurse Piggy, I mean Nurse Janice.

A wonderful Sunday night at the El Sleezo Theater. After the Muppets came back from their world tour and their second movie, they decided to do a special for the Muppets returning from London. They were glad Constantine, the world's most dangerous frog, was finally put back in jail.

Janice was upstairs in her dressing room, adding the final adjustments to her Vets Hospital scrubs. Not only today was the return of Vets Hospital, but today was the anniversary of hers and Janice's relationship. Floyd had been with Janice for a very long time, all those years after Richard and Jerry's passings.
Tonight, Floyd was acting suspicious to Janice. She was eager to give Floyd her present before she had to go on. Floyd promised her that he would stop by before she went on, it's been an hour and Floyd hasn't shown up yet. The Vets Hospital sketch starts in a few minutes. Janice's worries came to an end when she saw her main man walk into her dressing dorm.

Floyd looked at her and acted sick. "Oh Nurse Janice," Floyd said, pretending to be weak, catching Janice's attention, "There seems to be something wrong with me. What is it?"

Janice couldn't help but giggle and played along. She walked to Floyd and placed a hand on his cheek. "Oh a fever!" Janice replied, "You're rully love sick! I like, am gonna operate immediatly!"

They both shared a laugh then Floyd and Janice shared a tender kiss on the lips. "Happy Anniversary, mamma." Floyd greeted to his main squeeze as he pets Janice's long blonde hair.

"Aww honey, like, you remembered!" Janice said excitedly. "Now why in the world would I forget the greatest moment of our lives." Floyd asked sarcasticly. Janice rolled her eyes.

"Like, honey," Janice started, "Like, I have Vets Hospital in like, two minutes. I wanna give you your gift now."

Floyd smiled. "Go ahead." Janice ran to her closet and opened it, to find what was somewhat a bass guitar case, wrapped in a orange bow. "What is it?" Floyd asked his main squeeze. Janice smirked. "I'm not telling. Rully." she replied.

Floyd opened the case to find a red customed bass guitar. There was Floyd and Janice on the bass. Their names and their couple name 'Floyanice' was on the neck of the guitar. Hearts and music notes were surrounded around the bass.
Floyd's mouth almost dropped to the ground.

"Mama..." he said, shaking in happiness, "Where-how?"

"Like, it's a custom. I fer sure found the place you got it from and I thought, 'Oh wow, like, Floyd would rully love this in our anniversary!'" Janice replied, fixing a piece of hair off her mouth.

Floyd grabbed Janice and hugged her tight. "Thank you baby....I love it." he said. Janice giggled and hugged him back. They both shared one kiss on the cheek.

Suddenly, Rowlf, in his 'Doctor Bob' costume, comes in. "Sorry to disturb you, love doves, but Janice, Vets hospital is up in one minute!"

Janice hopped off of Floyd in alarm. "Okay! Like, I'm ready!...like, whose our next patient anyways?" she asked.

Rowlf looked at Floyd and winked. "It's a surprise." Rowlf replied. He grabbed Janice by the arm and dragged her downstairs. Floyd sat up and leaned against the doorway, "She's gonna love the patient I'm gonna give her." he said to himself.

Janice ran to her position, with Rowlf next to her and Miss Piggy, doing whatever she does before the beginning of the sketch. Janice noticed something different. The patient looked tiny. Plus there was an extra nurse or a doctor behind her. Janice didn't turn around, she had to focus. Suddenly, the announcer started to come out.

"And now, Veterinarian's Hospital. The continuing stooory of a quack that's gone to the dogs."

Miss Piggy threw the wine glass behind her. "Glad to be back, Dr. Bob" Miss Piggy said.

Rowlf (as Dr.Bob) looked at her and replied, "What? There's a bee on my back? Oh wait....nevermind."

Janice was more curious to know who the extra was than to pay attention to the patient. "Like, Doctor Bob." she said, "Whose the new guy behind me?"

Dr.Bob chuckled, "Oh that's Doctor Salt. He's joining us today to help us out. But he won't be speaking."

Miss Piggy gave him a puzzled look. "Why?"

"Because, he's got a speechless tone!"

The audience bursts out laughing.

Dr.Bob finally snapped out of it. "Okay Nurse Janice. Whose our next patient?"

Janice turned to the guy known as Doctor Salt. His eyes looked familiar. Was that a long red-orange ponytail in the back?

Dr.Bob shook Janice's shoulder. "Nurse Janice!"

Janice snapped out of it. "Oh! Sorry Doctor Bob. I was dissapointed in my disstraction!"

Everyone laughs. Even Doctor Salt's laugh sounded familiar.

Dr.Bob snapped out of it again. "Still, who is our next patient?"

Still un-aware of what the patient is, Janice decided to improvise.

"Like, I don't know! I just got here." That was kind of un-wack, but it looked like everyone bought it.

Dr.Bob removed the hospital blanket, revealing a small box, the one you put a ring in it. It was all yellow. Miss Piggy got excited.

"OH Doctor Bob! It's a ring box!" she exclaimed.

"I wonder for one thing." Dr. Bob thought out loud.

"About what?" Janice asked. "If there are tons of Beyonces' in that box!" Dr.Bob replied.

"Tons of Beyonces'?" Piggy asked. "Well sure," Dr. Bob replied, "Haven't you heard her hit, 'Put A Ring on It?'"

Everyone laughes.

Janice turned to Doctor Salt, who was walking next to her. And I mean, RIGHT next to her.

Doctor Bob looks at Doctor Salt. "Doctor Salt! What must you do with the ring?" he asks. Doctor Salt spoke heavily yet scratchingly. "I would be happy to demonstrate...If Nurse Janice wouldn't mind." he said.

Even if the voice almost sounded familiar.

However, Janice simply shrugged. "Like, okay." Janice replied, "What do I have to do?"

Doctor Salt takes Janice's hand. "Hop on the edge of the table." he said. Janice did so. Doctor Salt took the ring box from the table. He walked in front of Janice and smiled under his mask.

"Nurse Janice, we've been together for many years. From the moment I laid my eyes on you, I knew you were the one for me. I wanna play music with you! I wanna have kids with you! I want to spend our endless lives together, Forever!" he said kindly.

Janice was starting blush. She needed to realize that she's with Floyd.

"Janice, my guitar playin' angel, will you....marry me?" he finished.

Everyone gasped, waiting for the Nurse Janice to reply for an answer.

Janice was about to cry. But she held back and try to reply.

"Like, Doctor Salt....I-" she paused.

"Actually," the voice became clear. Doctor Salt removed his mask, revealing Sgt. Floyd Pepper himself. "It's Seargent Pepper."

Tears fell down Janice's cheeks. She held onto Floyd's hands tightly. Everyone, including Dr.Bob and Nurse Piggy, watched her cry.

"So...." Floyd asked again, "Will you marry me, mamma?"

"Mamma?" Doctor Bob asked, "I thought she was his daughter!"

Everyone laughed a little.

Janice, speaking while crying, looking into Floyd's eyes, "Like, no.....I-I'm not his daughter.....or his girl.....like, I'm her fiance'.....because I FER SURE RULLY SAY YES! YES FLOYD!" she screamed from the top of her lungs happily, " I WILL FER SURE MARRY YOU!"

Floyd slid the ring on Janice's finger and the two shared a kiss on the lips. Floyd picked her up in his arms, off the table, and twirling her around in circles. There were claps, whistles, and roses being thrown onstage. Everything went silent after one minute. The announcer came on...

"And so Nurse Janice has cured this operation with tears and love. Tune in next week when we hear Dr. Bob say..."

On cue, Dr. Bob came to Floyd and Janice and put his two paws on their shoulders. "Ladies and Gentlemen, the future Mr. and Mrs. Pepper!"

The crowd roared happily. Floyd and Janice held eachother tight onstage. Janice happily cried on Floyd's shoulder.

Dr.Teeth, Zoot, Lips, Lani, Kylie, Leah, Animal, Delores, and Nigel, including Rowlf, crowded around the newly almost wed couple and hugged them.

All we know, Nurse Piggy will be VERY jealous. But at least she's happy for her friend, but angry she's getting married to a guy Piggy hated.