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Mar 19, 2010
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Hey everyone,
I have student who has created a phenomenal project. She is 12 years old and has created a team with her friends. Together they sew small little birds from fabric and stuff them. They attach ribbon to them and ask for 5$ donations. They are using 100% of the money collected to build deep water wells in Zambia to provide clean drinking water to schools that teach students close to their age. These girls currently have all of their fabric and supplies donated to them, so the entire 5$ goes towards clean water.
Currently they have raised over $10,000 in four months. They have a professional snowboarder and skateboarded who have adopted their logo on their decks and wear their shirts.
They know how much I love the muppets and have told me as soon as I can find some Muppets fabric, they will make me a bird. As I was driving last night, I had a brainstorm. What if I could get a lot of people to donate money to get a muppet bird?

Though the birds are small and fairly meaningless, the 5$ donation is significant enough to really help out kids who need clean drinking water.

So, who might be interested? If I find the fabric, how many of you would be interested in donating 5$ plus shipping for a bird?