I'll send you my love through a bottle (A Richard Hunt Dedication)

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  • Statler, grumpy old man 1 of balcony

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Apr 24, 2012
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Authors Note: Hey y'all! Srry I haven't posted any stories in like, FOREVER! I was just reading 'Voiceless: Dedicated to Richard Hunt'. It got me thinkin'. Gosh, I feel rully sorry for Janice. I wanna write another muppeteer memory story! Also, I was listening to 'Message of Regret' by Kagamine Rin from Vocaloid. Why not combine both into one amazing story! It'll involve Leah, yes. Don't worry, it's gonna bring a tear to your eye!

It had been almost 3 hours since Janice had heard the news. Richard Hunt, her puppeteer and close-father/brother, was gone. She was worried about him from when her voice suddenly disappeared. Kermit had told everyone the news over breakfast and how he overheard from Brian Henson. Once Janice had heard the news. She froze. She saw Scooter, also frozen, ran into the livingroom and buried his face in his hands, crying. Sweetums ran outside and she couldn't identify what he did out there. Beaker ran to him and Bunsen's laboratory, she also couldn't identify what had happened to him. Statler just stayed in the livingroom. Not saying a word.
Janice, however, was sad. She didn't say a word once the news were told. Floyd and the rest of the Electric Mayhem tried to identify her reaction. Unfortunatly, Janice's reaction was just fear and sadness in her mind, heart, thoughts, and eyes. She ran out of the kitchen, up the stairs, to her room, slammed the door, locked it, and burst out crying on her bed.

I will repeat. Janice had been crying for 3 straight hours and had no one to comfort her. Her voice was not only gone, but so was Richard. She looked at her calendar and tried to look for today's date. Her eyes widened when she found it.

January 7th 1992.

Two days from now, it would be Janice and Floyd's 5th dating anniversary. But that didn't matter now. Janice just continued to cry. Suddenly, the door was suspiciously unlocked. Janice's door opened to find Leah, the Electric Mayhem's 4th lead singer, also her closest sister and best friend.

"Jan?" she asked, "Doc asked me to check on you. Are you alright?"

Janice shook her head, more of her mascara was leaking onto her favorite pillow. Leah walked over to Janice and sat by her. She leaned over to Janice and hugged her tight. "Floyd told me what happened as soon as I got off that elliptical." she said, reffering to the fact that she was in the gym when she heard the news.

Janice said nothing. There was nothing she could say now. Janice just whimpered in a silent way. She held onto Leah for dear life. She felt something slip into her hand. When Janice looked at it, it was a small bottle, there was a rolled-up piece of paper with a ribbon tied to the middle so it wouldn't go loose. The cork was as plain as stain in through the hole.

Janice looked at the bottle, then back at Leah, she wanted to ask her what it was for so she just gave her a confused look.

"It's a bottled message." Leah explained, "I helped Richard make one up for you. He did the same for Scooter, Statler, Sweetums, and Beaker."

Janice was looking at the bottle now. Richard did this for her?

"See," Leah continued, "Whatever is written on that piece of paper, it's a wish to god. You put that piece of paper in a bottle and let it flow into the horizon in the ocean. If it makes it, your wish will come true."

Janice's eyes widened. She looked at Leah with more thought. "You want to go to the beach?" she asked.

Janice looked at Leah, then back at the bottle. Whatever Richard wrote on that piece of paper, that wish will and absolutely will come true. Janice looked back at Leah and nodded.

In a little port on the outskirts of a town
A young girl stands alone
After a long drive to Rudman Beach, Janice and Leah walked on the sand and up close to the ocean. They gazed to the beautiful sunset. The sun was almost down, just almost 40%. Leah and Janice slipped off their shoes, revealing their bare feet and stepped into the water.

By this sea, there existed
An old tradition from before
Janice pulled out the bottle from her handbag. She looked back at Leah and gave her a 'Are you fer sure rully sure about this' look.

Leah nodded. "It'll make you feel better."

"Write your wish on a piece of parchemnt
And place it in a little bottle
If you let it flow with the sea, someday
Your wish will come true"
Janice looked into the horizon. She looked up to the skies, knowing Richard was up there. She knew how sad it was for Richard to die at the age of 40.
Flow along, little glass bottle
With a message containing a wish
On the other side of the horizon
There, it quietly disappears
Before Janice could put the small bottled message into the water, she held it tight, close to her heart. She began having memories of her and Richard together. She remembered all the fun times they did together on and off sets and stages.
You always did everything for my sake
All that I wanted, and yet
She remembered all the great sketches of the Electric Mayhem numbers, Vets Hospital, the chorus, sometimes the Orchestra, those memories were like wonderful back stories to her. Janice was like a camera, taking pictures with her mind, filling her thoughts with memories of her and Richard and the band.
I was always so selfish
And troublesome to you
Janice knew, there wasn't anymore memories for her to contain now that Richard was gone forever. He wasn't going to come back. Janice kept thinking he will, but he can't. It's the law of life. Once you've taken your two chances of life, you can never go back for your third chance. She was lucky, Muppets live forever. She wished Richard would be like her and live forever.
You, who grant my wishes
Are no longer here
Janice looked at the horizon. The sun was setting in a 20%. She looked at the skies and back to the bottle. She bent down and pushed the bottle gently towards the sea. She stood back up and watched the bottle flow.
Will my thoughts, on this sea
Arrive at their destination?
Janice could feel the hot tears, tearing up her eye sockets. She almost forgot Leah was behind her. None of that matters now. She kept gazing at the bottle; she remembered the reaction she had when she found out about Richard's death. She felt like crying again, but crying right in front of Leah, it would make Leah feel bad too and make her cry. She didn't want that.
Flow along, little wish
Tears and a little bit of regret
When I had realized my sins
It was always after everything was already over
Janice stared sadly to the horizon. She somehow managed to pull up a brave smile so Leah could be proven wrong that she was fine. Leah knew that Janice was wrong. She could feel the sense of Janice's sadness. Janice felt her tears fall. She didn't care anymore. Her tears started to fall like waterfalls. Soon as she knew it, Janice got on her knees, not caring that her bottoms were wet from the water, she cried her eyes out. Leah got down and hugged her tight. She stroked her back and head and hair. Janice couldn't console her crying.
Flow along, little glass bottle
With a message containing a wish
On the other side of the horizon
There, it quietly disappears
Janice looked at the water, seeing the makeup mess on her face, the reflection from the ocean showed Janice her feelings are showing. Janice stopped crying, but her tears continued to fall. She felt Leah's head close to her. Janice was listening to not only the ocean, she was listening to Leah, harmonizing a little soothing tune. Janice continued to listen to hear Leah sing:
Flow along, little wish
Tears and a little bit of regret
If we were to be reborn...
Janice finally knew it. Leah was singing that song! Janice looked at Leah and actually smiled. Leah smiled back. Leah managed to wipe some of her tears a little as well.
"You feel better, Jan?" she asked. Janice nodded. She was glad Leah was her great friend.
"Good, let's go home." Leah said, "I'm exhausted."
Together, Leah and Janice walked home together, well, to their car at least.
Months have passed, almost six. Richard's funeral was already over, not to mention his memorial service. So far, only Scooter, Sweetums, Beaker, and Statler had already found their voices and back to normal. However, Janice wasn't lucky. She still hasn't had found her voice.
Janice was grateful that Leah offered to do Janice's female vocals for the songs Janice mainly sings.
One night, rehearsal was somewhat canceled, which concerned Janice a lot. Dr.Teeth would never have canceled a day of playing music. The Electric Mayhem were supposed to rehearse 'Rockin' Robin' for next week's show. Kermit said something about talking to Janice about something. Alone. Janice was nervous. When she entered Kermit's office, there was a man standing by Kermit. He was a tall man with short gray hair, slimming. He looked familiar to Janice.
"Ah, Janice," Kermit said, "You remember David Rudman, right? From Sesame Street and Jack's Music Show?"
Janice remembered! Her and Richard met David during a production interview for Jack's Big Music Show! Janice nodded, eager to know more.
"Well, since he's doing Scooter," Kermit explained, "He wanted to try and see if he can give you your new voice."
Janice was speechless, literally speechless. She nodded slowly, to show that she's calm on the outside, but really excited in the inside.
"Good," Kermit said, looking at Mr. Rudman, "Okay, she's all yours. I'll just leave you two." Kermit left the room, giving the two a break.
Later that night, no word from Janice to the Electric Mayhem or Leah. Leah was in bed that night, when her phone rang. It was Janice.
"Jan? At this hour?"
More curious, Leah picked up her phone and answered it. "Hello?" she answered.
"Like, hey sis."
Leah nearly dropped the phone. "No Way!" she said. She dropped her phone on her bed and ran out from her room to Janice's room. There stood Janice, happy.
"Fer sure! Like, my voice is back!"
Leah ran to Janice and hug her tight. Leah almost felt like crying. She felt good to do the right thing and help Janice with her problems.
"You don't know how long it took me to know how much I missed your voice, Janice." Leah said.
"Fer sure." Janice replied, "Like, I was meaning to ask you....what was Richie's wish? From like, that bottle?"
Leah smiled and whispered in Janice's ear, "To my beloved friend and sister, Janice. Give her my blessings and prayers. Most importantly, a voice'"
Janice hugged Leah. She then saw Floyd and the rest of the Electric Mayhem by her door.
"Baby doll!" Floyd exclaimed, "Your voice! It's back!" Leah and Janice embraced, Janice ran to Floyd and he scooped Janice in his arms and swung her in the air. They shared a kiss on the lips and the rest of the Electric Mayhem crowded around her. Leah joined in.
After the big, five minute celebration, the rest of the band went back to bed. Leah was just about to head back to her room...
"Like, Lee?" Janice said.
Leah turned around by the door frame, "mm?"
Janice threw her something, causing Leah to catch it. In Leah's hands, was a necklace, the charm was a bottled message, similar to Janice's when she floated it through the sea.
"Like, thank you." Janice said.
Leah smiled and thanked her back.
Leah left the room, shutting the door behind her.
Janice switched her lamp off and crawled into her covers. She began to dream. She dreamed seeing Richard, proudly smiling at her. Janice smiled in her sleep. She knew that Richard had received her love, through just a small bottle, floating in the horizon.
In loving memory:
{August 16, 1951} Richard Hunt {January 7, 1992}