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Jul 12, 2002
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As some people know, i have been working with some friends of mine recently to try and do full-size prop replicas from various properties. what i'm looking for are ideas for projects. we have one on the board right now that we're waiting for the go-ahead on, and a couple more that we'd LIKE to do (if i could get someone to return my calls), but i'd like opinions as to what people WANT because if we're going to make them (and right now we have to make them THROUGH another company) i want to know they are going to sell.

to clarify, we're looking at making full-size replicas, kind of like what Factory X is doing, but with properties that havn't been done yet. a good example is my dream project of doing a human-size (couldn't really make it full-size) Autobot Matrix of Leadership. if that doesn't make it easier to understand, ask me questions and i'll answer as best i can. i know this is non-Muppet, but i have access to a lot of different people in here, and logically speaking, if they're a big enough Muppet fan to come around here, then they're probably a big fan of at least ONE other thing.

you can leave ideas in here, or email me at stleibowitz@hotmail.com

thank you