I had an idea for a Labyrinth-themed Simpsons Treehouse of Horror

Flaky Pudding

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Nov 21, 2013
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I thought of an idea last night for a Simpsons Treehouse of Horror segment that I just couldn't help but write down.

Behold, Lisa-rinth!


-Lisa Simpson as Sarah.

-Maggie Simpson as Toby.

-Mr. Burns as Jareth the Goblin King.,

-Waylon Smithers as the goblins (They all look and talk exactly like Smithers in this version of the story.)

-Milhouse as the caterpillar (They both have blue hair.)

-Ned Flanders as Sir Didymus (They have a similar-looking mustache).

-Santa's Little Helper as the dog that Sir Didymus rides.

-Barney Gumble as Ludo.

-Grampa Abraham Simpson as Hoggle.

-Allison Taylor as The Fireys (She has red hair and Lisa is somewhat "afraid" of her in a way, so I think she would fit this role perfectly.)

I know that Labyrinth isn't a horror movie, but I've still heard plenty of people discuss how much things like The Fireys and the scene where Sarah falls down a pit with talking hands everywhere traumatized them when they were kids. I think it would still fit as part of a THOH episode. I mean, they've done Harry Potter and Back to The Future before, those are nowhere near as creepy as Labyrinth.