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How to keep characters in character


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Sep 21, 2017
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Eyo peps in Toffe I'm best(or only) known for my art which I'm proud of
i made this thread to ask for your opinion on how to keep the main Muppets in character
I plan on making numerous comics with them in a detective crime comic series with some mild language, art by me and possibly some other friends and a story within the crimes
Anyway i would want them to be in character to appease to the fans and myself and help is greatly appreciated

Sgt Floyd

Well-Known Member
Feb 5, 2006
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I've never written any kind of muppet fanfic, but I have been rping various characters for over five years now and really, trying to keep characters perfectly...well...in character...is next to impossible

Everyone has a different understanding of the character, and some traits that may stand out to you don't stand out to other people, and vice-versa. So, if your goal is to just 'appease' the fans, you are setting about it in the worst way possible. You cannot appease everyone. Even if you somehow managed to read the mind of muppet writers themselves, people still wouldn't be happy because you missed some trait that they made up in their head or something. Point being, don't try to keep them in character, but try to keep them in the spirit of the character. Obviously you dont want to write something the character would never do in a million years though cause then...yeah. That's a problem too jhdfg

So some suggestions:

Don't focus on the obvious character traits, because if you reduce a character to one or two traits that define them, that makes the character uninteresting. Like. We all know Piggy has a temper. Don't make that her only character trait. Show a softer side to her to balance out the temper.

Knowing what you know about the character, use their traits to motivate them into an action. For example, I'm currently writing a thing where 2D from the Gorillaz is trying to become a zombie. Would he do this in canon? I dunno. But given that in canon he is OBSESSED with zombie movies and horror movies in general, is known for not exactly being the brightest, and canonically has stated he's let his own alter ego eat him alive, it makes sense that he would want to become something he likes and not think about the consequences of his actions.

and actually, believe it or not, a lot of people appreciate differences in how people write characters, provided they are realistic and justified. It would get boring if everyone in the world wrote a character the same way every time.