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How old are some characters?


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Sep 7, 2002
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Well, that could be why he's not very good at them. Lol.
Ernie and Bert are really the only ones I can't associate any actual age with, mainly because they really don't fit any of the conventional age brackets: they play with toys and games and do recreational activities typical of little kids, however, they share an apartment, do their own laundry, make their own meals, Bert listens to the news, all of which adults do. It's especially vague back in the days of Jim and Frank, because they basically ad-libbed much of those old E&B inserts.
I think in their case it's the same with those early Porky Pig cartoons. Their ages vary depending on the setting.


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Aug 16, 2004
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A few years back I posted in the fan fiction forum a bit about B&E coming to Sesame Street from different communities as college students and getting a place together. it nicely bridges the kid stuff (oh, yes, we had study breaks like that & students would watch SS as a stress reliever) and the stuff like laundry, etc.. (Here it is for any newcomers - it's from way back in '05 - http://www.muppetcentral.com/forum/threads/bert-ernie-met-in-college-plus-5-ws-and-an-h.20158/ I forgot it was that old.) Sure they almost never are seen to have homework but neither did the gang on Happy Days. :smile:

I don't believe that they aren't brothers, though. :smile: Although since I guess it's canon they're not, I'd settle for saying they're cousins, eitehr way with Bert about 10-11 and Ernie the little brother I always wanted to play with ,even if he bugged me (since I was kidn of Bert-like) of about 6-8. (And that's probably why I cling to the idea of them being brothers.)

But, the age thing is confusing. I once wrote a whole column my first year in college in our paper about jumpingh in leaves, and I'm not the only one who liked to do it. So, they could be college kids.

As for the others, I always saw Cookie Monster as about 4 but really just becasue of the speech thing (Me want it). I could see him as a bit older but you'd think he'd have mroe self-control.

Abby is clearly 5 but came on as 4 since she's now in Kindergarten - with an episode coming where she has her first official Fairy task maybe she's going to be 6. That's about where I'd put Baby Bear and Telly, too, just learning sports, having playdates, learning how to do thigns like ride bikes, bounce on pogo sticks, etc..

Praire I'd label as 7 but could see anywhere 6-8; her more elaborate play reminds me of a cousin who loved to play teacher when she was that age.

Rosita...hmmm, she might be about 6-8 too, based on this - she can elaborate (simply, but elaborate) on quite a few Spanish words and what they are in English. I don't know any bilingual kids (I should ask some missionaries when they come to our church) but I would think it'd take some time to be able to do that clearly. And yet, she and Abby still love playign with Zoe because kids still like playing with anyone at that age.

Grover...hmmm, my twin cousins used to love to play waiter at 5-6, but asking them to do it for real, they might mess up like that. And one with a huge sense of humor might hve done some of the stuff as a joke. Indeed, our grandpa on sleepovers would make little pancakes the size of a fingernail for fun and big ones the size of the pan. So, is Grover not very good, or doing it on purpose? Then all the science stuff where he's learning basic things like on SuperGrover 2.0...yeah, he could be 8, or as young as 4 or so