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How did Richard Hunt get AIDS?

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Sep 8, 2003
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Thanks, and I think that is what makes the Muppets what they are getting people of all walks of life together and working and sharing together no matter what there lifestyles are.


Inactive Member
Apr 13, 2002
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Both Jim and Richard kept their own lives private for different reasons and I feel we should respect that unless their families wish to share moments with us. :wink:

Fozzie Bear

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Apr 14, 2002
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I don't see this as a touchy issue, but rather one of unimportance. I am a gay person, artist, Muppet fan as well as a graphic designer here at Muppet Central. I have plenty of friends living with this disease and others who have passed away.

In my perspective it is important to celebrate how someone lived, to focus on what they chose to share and be thankful for the joy that person brought the world.

Richard Hunt gave us so much entertainment and remained dignified even in over-sized Sweetums feet. I miss his spark in new projects and cherish his classic Muppet moments. :wink: :eek: :flirt:
Beautiful sentiment, and there were others who shared a great heart in this thread also.

Gang, I think with this in mind I'll close the thread because discussion of performers' private lives is not allowed. I agree with what was said above: When it's time to be discussed, the families will tell us.

In the meantime, appreciate who they were and what they gave us. The positive feelings and inspiration they left behind is more important.
Not open for further replies.