Emergency! Selling all my Muppet/Henson stuff (and more)


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Apr 13, 2002
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My bad. Somewhere along the line, i started to leave out the info on how the prices work when i copy my list of what's still available...

Everything's sold silent auction style. Make a reasonable, realistic offer and if no one else makes a higher offer within 24 hours (and it's not too low), it's yours for that price.

Now the bad news. Supposedly, i already have a buyer for Strangepork. I say "supposedly" becuase the last two people who gave me a commitment they were buying something never honored it. I've not received payment for the latest person who said they were buying Strangepork and The Muppet Movie dvd and given my recent experience, i'm not counting chickens. All i can say regarding Strangepork is stay tuned and maybe he may end up still available (if i haven't lost everything anyway by then as things are VERY bad and tight right now and i am f-ing terrified), and in the meantime, let me know if there's anything else you may like.


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Mar 18, 2011
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well i need strangepork pretty cheap because i'm trying to make my first custom figure, but I also need Statler and Waldorf for my collection.:sleep: :boo:


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Apr 13, 2002
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This is the first time i've updated this thread since the forum change - but this stuff is all available, as usual offers that i did get last time wimped out and never followed through, and i'm in serious danger of eviction right now and the walls are closing in fast on everything. Looks like the end is near but at least i've seen it coming and have been preparing.

Because of the multitude of inconveniences with the new forum, it's stongly reccomended to directly email me at dw_m@webtv.net rather than sending a message through the forum - please reference muppets in your subject heading so it doesn't get mistaken for spam.


- Street Gang hardback (SST)
- Sesame Street Unpaved
- Bert and the Broken Teapot
- Ernie Gets Lost

- Richard Hunt: Gay Muppeteer zine
- Jim Henson The Works
- One Frog Can Make a Difference
- Miss Piggy's Guide to Life (no jacket)
- Jim Henson's Muppet Stories #1
- No Strings Attached - the Inside Story of Jim Henson's Creature Shop
- The Alchemy of Mirrormask

Muppet Magazine:
- Summer 1985 - Kermit Greensteen Summer in the USA
- Spring 1986 - Muppet Awards (two copies)
- Summer 1986 - Labyrinth/Jennifer Connelly

- Return to Labyrinth volumes 3 & 4
- Best Friends (Fraggle) (some ink on back cover)
- What Do Doozers Do?
- Mokey's Birthday Present
- All three issues of Archaia's Fraggle Rock comic plus the Free Comic Book Day issue

Muppet Babies Comic Books:
- #1 Haunted Nursery
- #8 The Storyland Caper
- #9 Cleopiggy (two of these)
- Harvey Classics #5 Go to Camp

- The Puppetry Journal Winter 2005 - A Master Class at Studio Roser cover story (Puppeteers of America magazine)
- Puppetry Journal Spring 2005 - Strings film cover
- Puppetry Journal Fall 2005 - Celebrating 50 Years of The Muppets cover story; includes one of Jerry Juhl's last interviews

- All issues of all Boom!'s Muppet and Farscape comic books. If anyone needs to see a list, let me know.

- Muppet Classic Theatre
- It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie
- Don't Eat the Pictures
- Basil Hears a Noise
- BMG professional promo compilation of music videos including The Muppets Kokomo


- Farscape season 1 set

- Muppets From Space

- Muppets Take Manhattan

- Best of TMS: Alice Cooper/Vincent Price (includes song cut from TMS Season 1)/Marty Feldman

- Kermit's Swamp Years

- Nick & Jessica Variety Hour

- The Muppet Movie (Columbia with camera test and Muppetisms extras)


- Set of Muppet postage stamps
- Set of Muppet postage stamps (still sealed)

- Valerie Harper and James Coburn Muppet Show scripts

- Muppet Babies pilot Noisy Neighbors script (missing last page) autographed by Jeffrey Scott

- TMS Harvey Korman script/transcript
- TMS Vincent Price script/transcript
- TMS Valerie Harper script/transcript
- TMS Kaye Ballard script/transcript

- Labyrinth script

- Empire Strikes Back script

- Fearing Mind Episode 1 script

- Large video collection of Henson/Muppet items (url to tape trade page available upon request)

- the original Muppet Monopoly (slight water damage to the bottom of the box from when my apartment was flooded)

- huge plush Cookie Monster

- small Kermit plush - don't know manufacturer since tag is removed, but it was the one they were giving out as trivia prizes at MuppetFest

- a personally autographed photo of Farscape's Virginia Hay (Zhaan)

- Jim Henson's Fantastic World exhibit program
- Jim Henson's Fantastic World Mesa AZ oversized-postcard-style flyer personally autographed by Fran Brill (and Zoe), Dave Goelz (and Gonzo), and Karen Falk

- Letter from Jeff Marx and Bobby Lopez (before they were famous via Avenue Q) dated 7-15-99 describing their unsuccessful attempts to sell their script for Kermit, Prince of Denmark and asking for my critique/feedback. Second page is an outline of KPoD story and song list. Autographed (i.e. signed by) Jeff Marx

- The "cream of the crop" of my collection is a sheet of Muppet stationary (unofficial fan art border by Chris Smigliano) chockful of autographs from a whole slew of Muppeteers and crew members from the set of Muppets From Space (including Brian Henson and Frank Oz). This was given to me as a special gift so due to both the inherent value and the sentimental value, i will only sell it for a high price. (Yes, i'm that desperate to get rid of the #1 thing i never thought i'd sell if the asking price is right!)


- Muppet Parody 1997
- Muppet Movie Parodies 1998
- TMS Official Calendar 2004
- SST 2005
- Muppets 2006

Palisades/Action Figures:

- Kermit (camera accessory is broken in half due to fall of shelf)
- Miss Piggy
- Dr. Teeth
- Dr. Bunsen Honeydew (glasses are broken off - they stay in place for me fine displayed on my shelf but you may wish to fix with glue)
- Muppet Labs Playset with Beaker
- Koozebane Kermit
- Stuntman Gonzo
- Floyd Pepper
- Crazy Harry
- Electric Mayhem Playset with Animal
- Rowlf
- Scooter
- Swedish Kitchen Playset with the Swedish Chef
- Sam Arrow (bottom half broke off due to fall off shelf, snaps back together and stays in place for shelf display but you may wish to glue together)
- Rizzo
- Link Hogthrob
- Julius Strangepork
- Gonzo
- Pepe
- Newsman
- Clifford
- Patrol Bear Fozzie
- Statler
- Waldorf
- Swinetrek Playset with First Mate Piggy
- Captain Smollett
- Frog Scout Robin
- Johnny Fiama
- Beauregard
- Usher Scooter
- Sam the Eagle
- Phil Van Neuter
- Marvin Suggs

Pvc sets:
- Sam the Eagle with book / Mahna Mahna /Thog with flower

- Kermit as Bob Cratchit with Robin the Frog as Tiny Tim / Statler as Jacob Marley / Two ice skating Penguins

- Fozzie Bear as Fozziwig / Waldorf as Robert Marley / Ghost of Christmas Present

- Jack in the Box kids meal figures: Kermit, Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo, Animal, Pepe, Chef

- Kermit on a log playing banjo with banner saying "50th anniversary" with button that plays Rainbow Connection when pressed. Can be used as either a stand alone shelf display item or has a small hook to hang as Christmas tree ornament

Records (all with sleeves):

- The Muppet Show (UK version with gatefold sleeve, different back cover and extra tracks)

- Mahna Mahna/Halfway Down the Stairs 7"

(Sesame Street) :
- Sing-Along! (with paper inner sleeve with lyrics slightly torn)
- Big Bird Presents Hans Christian Andersen (gatefold sleeve)
- The Sesame Street Record (pen marks on front cover, paper peels on back cover)
- 10th Anniversary Album (marker marks on front cover)
- Bert & Ernie Sing-Along
- Monsters!
- The People In Your Neighborhood


-Muppet Christmas Carol soundtrack
-Muppet Treasure Island soundtrack
-Muppet Hits Take 2 (crack on underside which doesn't affect playability or sound quality and cover personally autographed by Jerry Juhl)
- Kermit Unpigged
- Great Muppet Caper soundtrack
..and as a reminder as per non Muppet/Henson stuff includes a large collection of Simpsons Comic Books, Alpha Flight comics (from volumes 1, 2, and 3) though many of these were water damaged from the SECOND(!) time my apartment was flooded, a large collection of old issues of The Advocate, Out, Genre, and Echo Magazines, not-as-old but still not all that recent issues of The Nation, The Progressive, Mother Jones, and The American Prospect, most issues of Wrapped In Plastic (a Twin Peaks/David Lynch fanzine which also included quite a bit of X-Files content because of David Duchovny's involvement), lots of Archie comics (comic books and digests), several Doonesbury books, a huge collection of One Life to Live episodes (mostly from 2003-present but also some older stuff), and a large collection of mostly 80s cds and vinyl albums, 7" and 12" singles (including pretty much anything/everything Pet Shop Boys and Eurythmics/Annie Lennox/Dave Stewart related), various collection books of comic strips.

All items sold silent auction style - name a REASONABLE, REALISTIC price and if no one makes a higher offer for same item, it's yours.

In the event this turns out to be one of my last posts, it's been nice knowing everyone.


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Apr 9, 2008
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I guess I know now why I've been thinking of you so much lately....

I get paid next Friday. I hope it helps in time.


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Nov 19, 2009
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Do you have any muppet bedding sheet sets, or comforters, or sleeping bags for sale?


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Apr 9, 2008
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DWMckim, if he doesn't mind me responding in his stead, has issues accessing MC. I think he's posted his email address somewhere on this thread. He'll have a better chance of receiving your message if you do that.


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Apr 13, 2002
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Quick update - i know i said that it's better to email me directly than PM me through the forum, but i recently realized that it's most likely wiser to request that people actually DO PM me through the forum...reason being that i can access the forum through a library computer or other place if something happens where i can't access at home (and the very real possibility exists that i may soon either lose said home or have to give up having electricity when it comes down to choosing which bills/expenses need to be sacrificed over others ... which either way leads to a scenario that leaves me without access to my personal email.) So...yeah MC forum PM's (or "conversations" to use current terminology) are probably the best route!! (To be super, ultra safe - i'd reccomend sending both a PM and an email so all bases are covered)

(ps. a few of you have asked me questions about some stuff via email that i haven't answered yet and if you're waiting for my reply, hang on - it's coming - i've been having my attention spread all over the map this last month)

(Sorry, ilovemuppet4eva, but as you'll see from my listings of what i have - things like bedding/sheets and the like are not among things i own.)


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Apr 9, 2008
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Well, I didn't overnight it, but you'll be getting help soon. :smile:


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Apr 13, 2002
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First, i want to thank everyone who's helped me out since the beginning of this nightmare to present. If it weren't for the people here, i would NOT have made it this far.

In the latest major blow to this major curse i seem to be under, my car has finally broken down to being beyond repair. At least i knew that was going to eventually happen sometime this year and i am quite amazed and thankful that it's lasted as long as it has, but now - no more car and no way to afford a new one in sight. This is really not good. Because the bus system in Phoenix is so lousy, it means that i'm not exactly a shut-in, but one or two steps below one. It takes one to two hours extra to get anywhere (including to and from work), this is going to keep me from really being able to search for or work a second job or finding a new/better paying job - i'm stuck at my current low-paying one (At least it's close to home which is one of the major reasons i took it, suspecting this time would eventually come).

Anyway, the main reason i wanted to post this is not to worry anyone that i'm going to do anything drastic real soon (it's very tempting and as a lot of people know i do already have considered self-termination plans this year or next - but i'm hanging in here for the moment - this latest event may have stepped things up but again, i'm at least trying my hardest to at least make it to see the new Muppets film) but to let everyone know that because of my mobility challenges, the turnaround time for orders may be delayed as the times it takes me to get to post office and mail stuff or pick up mailing supplies etc would be longer. (I've already contacted some people privately about this and as i explained upthread, this has also been what's taken me longer to reply to some other people who've written me) So if it takes a week or two to mail orders out, i ask everyone's patience and understanding. It may also take me longer to respond to emails and inquiries because my work day is so much longer now when the travel time to and from work and elsewhere is added in.

And of course - it just reinforces I NEED HELP! At least i can knock one bill off the table for now (insurance and re-registration which would have been next month) but given the prices of bus fare, i'm not all that sure it makes a wild difference in regards to overall savings. I really feel like i'm just trying to drain an ocean with a thimble right now and then eventually i'll have to give up and give in, but i'm still fighting and struggling though no matter how miserable and unworth living life is.

Not going to post a full available merchandise list right now, but will just say what items are no longer available: Richard Hunt zine, The Works, No Strings Attached, MP's Guide to Live, TMM dvd.

Also a reminder, it's best to PM me through the forum since i could at some point lose either electricity or phone service which means inability to check emails at home. For best results, it's probably best to both email and pm me so i get it either way - but PM is the better option among the two.

I'll also go ahead and put my mailing address on here (it's a PO Box so it's not like i'm publicly telling everyone where i live) to help answer one of the FAQ's and so people have it right away and can reference it (i'll also add it to future updates)

pob 83690
phx az 85071