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Aug 23, 2005
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Ok this is my first Muppet fanfic :embarrassed:
I'd like to give special thanks to RedPiggy my lovely beta reader.

Chapter one.
A storm was raging the night Gideon Ragondin du Maine died in this home on Lighthouse Island. With him that night, was his doctor, his childhood friend Miss Piggy Lee, and his daughter Drusilla.

Just before Gideon passed away he whispered one word to Miss Piggy in a ragged breath, “Listen.”

The Muppet boardinghouse was at its usual chaos during breakfast time. Kermit seemed to be unaware of all the commotion around him, his eyes on his cell phone. Piggy had gone to visit a sick friend a little over two months ago. Up until a few weeks ago she had called him everyday then she started calling him once a week, and then she stopped calling him altogether.

He was worried it wasn’t like Piggy not to call him.
“You could always call her,” Rowlf suggested to him.
“What?” Kermit asked.
“Call Piggy, you are worried about her aren’t you?”
“No, what would make you think that?” he said, not wanting admit that he was worried.
“The fact that you’re staring at your cell phone,” Rowlf said.
“I’m just checking to see how much battery I have left.”
“Sure you are,” Rowlf said shaking his head.

Meanwhile, Piggy sat on the porch of Gideon’s house. It was still hard to believe that Gideon was gone. She was overwhelmed there was so much to do taking care of Drusilla, the funeral, packing up Gideon’s things and closing up the house. She needed Kermit. Picking up her cell phone she called him. The familiar tune of the Muppet show theme echoed from Kermit’s cell phone. Seeing Piggy’s name on the caller ID Kermit quickly answered the phone.
“Piggy, I was…”
“Gideon died last night,” Piggy said before he could finish. Her voice sounded so lost and distant.
“Your friend?” he asked gently.
“He looked so old, it was like he suddenly got so old over night and then there’s Drusilla.”
“Who’s Drusilla?”
“Gideon’s little daughter. The look on her face when it happened, it broke my heart. Kermit, the funeral is going to be the day after tomorrow, do you think you can come.”
“Of course Piggy, I’ll come right away.”
“Could you bring Robin with you?”
“Robin why?”
“Well it’s for Drusilla really, she’s only six. Her guardian is her uncle Horatio, but he hasn’t been located yet, so I promised Gideon that I wood look after her until Horatio could be found. And I just thought that maybe if she met Robin it might not be so hard on her moving to a new place if she already had a friend who lived here.”
“Yeah that is a good idea, by the why Piggy what is she?”
“She’s a little piglet.”
“Oh, I’ll go talk to Robin and… Piggy… I’m sorry about your friend.”
“Thank you, I should go check on Drusilla. Kermit I’ll-I’ll see you soon won’t I?”
“I’m already there. Goodbye Piggy.”


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Dec 14, 2004
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VERY good stuff so far! You've already captured my attention! I love how you just thrust these two completely new characters in and we already feel remorse for them--that's talent! Good stuff! I loved Kermit's line, "What is she?" that's very, very Muppety.

This is a good start! I'm sure the rest will be just as good! :big_grin:


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Apr 25, 2008
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Wow, interesting story. I loved how you included Lighthouse Island in this. It seems as if we're both diving into JHH on various levels.

I wish you luck with the rest of your story, Alpha. Keep on writing, you're doing a good job.


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May 21, 2005
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This seems like a wonderful story. I cannot wait to read more of it.

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Aug 23, 2005
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Chapter two.
Kermit sighed thinking about Piggy and the little girl piglet that had to be ruff losing a friend and a parent. Making his way to the backyard where Robin was setting up his new camping tent.
“Uncle Kermit look I set it up all by myself!” Robin said proudly.
“That’s great Robin,” Kermit told him sitting on the ground beside his nephew. “But listen Robin I have something important to talk to you about,” Kermit told him.
“What is it?”
“You know how Miss Piggy went away to visit that sick friend of hers?”
“Well Robin, her friend died.”
“Oh,” Robin said, sadly looking at the ground for a moment. “She must be very sad, then.”
“She is Robin, she is. Robin, Piggy’s friend had a daughter she’s six and she’s going to be saying with us. Her name’s Drusilla and Piggy wants to the both of us to come down to meet her.”
“Right away. We’ll probably be staying there a couple of days.”
“But Uncle Kermit, tomorrow’s Kimmy’s birthday party!”

Kimmy a little frog girl in Robin’s class and arguably Robin’s first crush, though Robin clamed that they were only friends.
“I know Robin, but…”
“But Uncle Kermit, I promised I’d come!”
Kermit sighed before replying. “I know Robin, but think how’d you feel if it were you. She just lost her father and they can’t find her uncle. She’s alone and she is going to have to leave her home and move here to a house full of strangers.”
“What about Miss Piggy?”
Kermit shook his head. “Robin, she’s needs someone her own age, a friend to help her and show her around.”
“But Kimmy’s party’s going to have ice-cream and cake, and…”
“Robin, I know all about Kimmy’s birthday party and I’m going to leave it up to you whether to come with me or go to Kimmy’s party, but Robin, I want you to think about one thing that even though Kimmy’s party will be fun Drusilla’s out there and she’s very sad and hurting. Now I’m going go and tell the others what’s happening,” he said getting up and walking about into the house.

Once in the boardinghouse Kermit called a meeting. The look on Kermit’s face and the tone of his voice told the others that he wasn’t in the mood for any of their usual antics so for once, the others didn't have to be screamed at to quiet down. They just took their places and awaited their boss's announcement.
“What’s up Chief?” Scooter asked.
“As you all know Piggy’s been away visiting a sick friend,” Kermit said.
“Yeah and it’s been a nice vacation from Miss Ham Hocks too,” Floyd said.
Kermit ignored Floyd’s remark and continued. “Unfortunately her friend passed away last night. Now her friend, had a daughter, Drusilla, and she’s going to be staying with us for awhile.”
“Really?” Pepe said with interest in his voice.
“She’s six,” Kermit told him sternly. “Before anyone asks she a piglet.”
“When is she coming?” asked Fozzie.
“I’m not sure. I’m going to go down there and help Piggy out. Scooter, I need you too…”
“Already on it boss,” Scooter said holding his PDA. “To get to Lighthouse Island you need to go on an overnight train and a ferry.”
“Robin might be coming with me, so don’t book the tickets just yet.”

Piggy walked back into the house to the leaving room where she had left Drusilla. She was sitting on the floor, hugging her knees and rocking back and forth.
“Acute stress reaction” that’s what the doctor had said, meaning that Drusilla was in shock she had been like that since last night. The doctor had given her a sedation to help her sleep. She had woken up in a daze and Piggy had to dress her. Drusilla didn’t eat her breakfast she didn’t feel like eating. She hadn’t spoken a word since her father died.

“I called my friend Kermit,” Piggy began, “And he and his nephew Robin are going to come down for the… uh…I mean to help out. You’ll like Robin. He’s around your age. I’m sure you two will become fast friends.”
No response.

Across the room an anthropomorphic transparent muppet orange and white Maine Coon cat wearing a maroon long sleeve turtleneck shirt and blue jeans stood against the wall he seemed to be in the same state as Drusilla. He was no longer alive and he knew it he just couldn’t deal with it.

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Aug 23, 2005
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Ok since RedPiggy is taking a break from MC I don't have a beta reading so bear with me. Sorry if there are any mistakes

Chapter three.

Robin sat in his tent thinking about what his uncle had said. Then he thought about Kimmy’s party and how much fun it would be. He had been looking forward to gong too Kimmy’s party what did have to look forward too if he went with his uncle?
‘Making a new friend,’ a little voice in the back of his mind said
“But all my old friends will be at Kimmy’s party,” Robin said to himself.
‘But she doesn’t have any friends here,’ the little voice said.
“Yeah that’s true, but I can be her friend after Kimmy’s party.”
‘Just think she’ll probably be afraid Sweetums and the rest of the muppet monster when she first sees them. She'll probably cry like you did when you first saw Sweetums.’
Robin frowned; he didn’t like to think about someone crying, especially girls. Robin sighed going with his uncle would be the right thing to do, but it wouldn’t be the fun thing to do. Getting up he walked into the house in search of his uncle.
“Does anyone know where Uncle Kermit is?” Robin asked coming into the living room.
“He’s up in his room packing,” Scooter told him.
“Thanks,” Robin said going up stairs. “Uncle Kermit?” he said knocking on the doorframe.
“Yes Robin?”
“I’ve decided to came with you.”
“Good Robin, I’m glad. What made you decide to come with me?”
“It’s the right thing to do. Uncle Kermit, can I go over to Kimmy’s house and give her, her gift?”
“Sure Robin, have Sweetums walk you over,” Kermit said.
“Thanks Uncle Kermit!” Robin said running up to his room to get Kimmy’s present.
“Sweetums, will you walk me over to Kimmy’s house?” Robin asked the hulking ogre. “I have to tell her that I can’t come to her party.”
“Sure little buddy. Dose this mean you’re going with Kermit to Lighthouse Island?”
“Yeah,” Robin said little glumly.
“Hope on,” Sweetums said holding out his hand.
Once they reach Kimmy’s house Robin asked, “Sweetums, do mind staying here at the end of the walkway while I talk to Kimmy alone? It’s just that I…”
“I understand Robin, you want a little alone time with your girlfriend,” Sweetums said smiling at the little frog’s embarrassment.
“W-what?” he cried jumping out of the ogre’s hand. “She’s not my girlfriend! She’s just a friend who happens to be a girl!” he said walking away from Sweetums.
Reaching Kimmy’s front door he rang the bell. Kimmy’s grandmother answered the door.
“Hi Mrs. Kikkert, I’m here to tell Kimmy I can’t come to her birthday party tomorrow,” he said.
“I’ll call her for you,” Mrs. Kikkert said. “Kimmy! Someone’s here to see you!”
“Coming!” Kimmy called. A few minutes later Kimmy appeared. “Robin, you’re early! My party is tomorrow!” the little girl frog exclaimed.
“I know,” Robin said. “I can’t come.”
“B-b-but Robin, you promised!” Kimmy said stating to cry.
“Oh please don’t cry Kimmy!” Robin said. “I know I promised, but I have to go with my Uncle Kermit to Lighthouse Island.”
“Why?” Kimmy asked rubbing her eyes.
“Well it’s kind of hard to explain,” he said. “I’m going there to make a new friend whose father just died and she going to come and live with us for awhile.”
“So that’s it!” Kimmy said angrily. “You’re going there to get another girlfriend!”
“Another girlfriend? I don’t have a girlfriend.”
“Yes you do, me!”
“You’re not my girlfriend!” Robin yelled.
“I am too!”
“You are not!”
“You better say I am your girlfriend or I’ll never talk to you ever again!”
“Fine! You’ll never speak to me again then! And here’s your birthday gift,” Robin said roughly handing it to her before hopping of the porch and running to Sweetums. In the background he hear Kimmy begin to cry.

*Not in story* Kikkert is a Dutch surname meaning "frog".