Doctor Who and the Marvelous Muppets


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Aug 13, 2005
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And now, I bring you the epilogue of Doctor Who and the Marvelous Muppets! Thanks for reading, everyone! :smile:

A funeral service for Ciciley Livingston was held a couple of weeks after the heroes’ victory over Thanos. She was laid to rest in the Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx with many in attendance: the Stark family (with Happy Hogan), Scott Lang and the Pym family, T’Challa, Okoye, Shuri, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, James Rhodes, Vision, Wanda Maximoff, Thor, Bruce Banner, America Chavez, Bucky Barnes, the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Moya crew, the Muppets, the three Doctors, Kara, the Barton family, Peter Parker and his Aunt May, Sarah Williams (along with Strange and Wong), Maria Hill, Carol Danvers, Nick Fury, and – of course – Sean Livingston.

Sean almost couldn’t believe the turnout. There were people who never properly met his mother, but nonetheless showed up to pay their respects to the woman who saved an entire universe – an entire multiverse.

Everyone began to depart, one-by-one, giving their condolences to Sean.

Tony, carrying Morgan in his arms, approached with Pepper Potts. “Hey, uh, we’re going out for cheeseburgers,” Stark began his invite. “Morgan’s developed an appetite for them – I wonder where she gets that from. You wanna come?”

Sean smiled in gratitude. “No, thanks. I appreciate it.”

“No prob,” Tony said. “Just call anytime you need us.”

He watched the happy family depart with Hogan in one of Stark’s many sporty vehicles. Believing he was alone at his mother’s gravesite, he heard a voice tell him, “It was meant to be Stark.”

To his left emerged Nick Fury, a man he hadn’t seen in ages.

“What did you say?” Sean asked him.

“In almost every outcome of that battle, in all the other Earths, it was Tony Stark who snapped his fingers and died saving the universe,” Fury elaborated. “Our little universe is one of the few where he survived by the brave sacrifice of a fellow Avenger.”

“How do you know all of that? Did Strange tell you?”

“No…she did.”

Sean saw him nod to his right and turned to see Kara still in attendance. She hung her hoodie over her shoulder, exposing more of the long-sleeved yellow crop top she had worn underneath. She looked radiant in the afternoon sun with her golden locks and piercing blue eyes. “I figured you’d be halfway across the multiverse by now,” Sean smirked at her.

Kara shrugged, also smirking. “I couldn’t just leave without saying goodbye and giving one last ‘Thank You’ to this incredible woman.” She nodded to Ciciley’s casket, frowning at she looked on it. “I really wish I got to know her more. In a way, I did know her. In my last regeneration, I looked identical to Ciciley…even had an abbreviation of her name.”

“Really?” Sean reacted in captivation.

Kara nodded and then gazed on him, analyzing his face and even putting her hand to it in a fond gesture. Sean wasn’t sure why she did that, but the warmth of her hand was soothing in the cold cemetery. “I remember when I had your face, too,” she told him. “I know a special lil’ dude who’d love to see it again.” She caressed Sean’s face for what felt like an eternity, before she eventually caught herself and retracted her arm.

Sean could see she was embarrassed. “It’s alright,” he said.

“I know,” Kara appreciated his understanding. “You take care of yourself, O.K.?”

On that, Kara walked away to her Type-Z TARDIS, which looked like one big marble tombstone amid the cemetery. Once she was inside, it dematerialized out of existence and out of Earth-M altogether.

“There truly are things beyond our world we have yet to understand.” Sean completely forgot Fury was still there with him; he kept quiet during the whole exchange with Kara. “Maria and I pulled a few strings and arranged a new position for you…as the new director of S.W.O.R.D.”

Sean was taken aback from this news. “What?!”

“I never really liked that word,” Fury teased. “How about ‘Yes’?”

Almost speechless, Sean joyously consented, “Y-Yes! Of course! But what about Tyler Hayward? Didn’t he just get promoted to the position after Maria Rambeau’s death?”

“I heard Hayward turned chicken and left the job vacant.”

“He never struck me as the cowardly type.”

“No, he literally turned chicken from an incident in Westview, a few days ago. Apparently, Gonzo was there. He’s still hanging with Hayward, as we speak, double-dating with Camilla.”

Sean shook his head, chuckling. “What a bizarre world I’m living in now.”

“And it still has more to show you,” Fury guaranteed.


Moya continued to orbit the planet Earth with the Benatar docked in her hangar. Aboard the living Leviathan transport vessel, the still-unconscious Gamora (who was spared of the Snap that took out Thanos’ army) lied in stasis inside of the ship’s medical facilities. Quill sat next to her, not having moved since she was brought on board.

“How long is he just gonna keep watchin’ her sleep like a pervert?” Rocket asked, viewing Quill along with the rest of the Guardians and the Moya crew.

“How long is he gonna be on our ship?” Rygel griped.

“You guys are all heart,” Crichton belittled. “The guy just found his girlfriend again, but she doesn’t even know who he is. Cut him a little slack.”

“Do you really have the means of transplanting Gamora’s memories and consciousness into her variant’s body?” Nebula questioned the Moyans.

“We don’t,” Aeryn clarified. “But there’s a planet out there that does.”

“And we’ll find it,” Zhaan assured, carrying Deke in her loving blue arms. None of the other Moyans could believe Crichton and Aeryn had a son in the five years they had been snapped away. Chiana couldn’t resist making funny faces around him, which made Deke giggle every time.

The sound of a duffle bag hitting the floor brought their attention away from Quill and Gamora to where Thor and Hup had appeared in the corridor. “Home sweet home – or so, I think it will be,” the God of Thunder reveled.

“Where did you guys come from?!” Rocket asked.

“We’ve been on the ship the whole time!” Thor exclaimed. “Didn’t you see us walk up the Benatar’s ramp with you? After I said goodbye to Valkyrie and wished her luck in being king of New Asgard?”

“So that’s what that putrid smell was,” D’Argo muttered. “I thought it was Drax.”

“I take more showers a day than you do an hour, Luxan,” Drax retorted.

Just when it seemed as if the two men were about to throw down there and then, Thor let out a hearty laugh, clapping his hands. “I love this sort of family banter! It’s the whole reason I’m joining this crew, with my new Podling friend here.” Hup happily coincided with the God of Thunder in his native tongue, waving his new metal spoon.

“Rest assured, Asgardian, we are not family!” D’Argo refuted.

“Neither are we a crew!” Drax protested.

“We are now,” Quill spoke up from inside the medical room. He finally left Gamora’s side and stood with the two teams. “As long as Gamora’s here aboard Moya, we’re staying. Only after we’ve restored Gamora’s memories, we’ll see whether or not we keep traveling together.” He then looked to Crichton, holding out his hand. “Is that a deal?”

Crichton didn’t hesitate to accept the handshake from his fellow Terran. “Deal.”

“The Asgardians of the Galaxy!” Thor hailed of the newly allied crews, none of whom approved of the name.

Aeryn pretended to clear her throat, changing the subject.

“John?” she said. “Wasn’t there something you wanted to give Quill?”

Crichton groaned, wishing she hadn’t brought that up in front of everyone. Quill looked at him curiously as he removed something from his rear pocket and handed it to the Star-Lord. Peter’s eyes gleamed at the brand-spanking-new Walkman that had been given to him.

“Are you serious?!” he exclaimed in unrestrained bliss.

“I’ve had that thing with me ever since I left Earth in 1999,” Crichton said. “Figured if you were ever feeling retro, you’d ditch the Zune and listen to the classics.”

“He even threw in his own ‘mixtape’ – is that the right word for it?” Aeryn added.

Quill was overwhelmed by the gift. “Thanks, man,” he told Crichton. He then did a double take and realized, “Wait. You said you left Earth in 1999? How old are you, dude?!”

“O.K., I’m taking back the Walkman now.”


In the wake of the new “Blip,” with everyone Thanos snapped now returned, PizzeRizzo’s faced a major dilemma: the building was still leased under Pete’s name – something Rizzo neglected to change when he took over. As such, Rizzo was forced to hand ownership of PizzeRizzo to Pete. Thankfully, Jenny talked Pete into sharing revenue, with Rizzo as a partner.

Their first customers under the new management were Doctor Strange and Sarah Williams, who were mostly there for America Chavez – a big pizza eater. When she learned that PizzeRizzo was adding “pizza balls” to the menu, America just had to try some with slice after slice.

Wong had also joined them for a round of karaoke with Miss Piggy and Pepe, backed by the music of Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem.

Between America’s eating and Wong’s singing, Strange verged on madness.

“I don’t know how much more of this I can take,” he nauseated.

Sarah laughed at his misery, just as she heard the entrance ding. She turned to see Kermit, Fozzie, Gonzo, Scooter, and Robin walk in. “Hey, guys!” Sarah greeted them. “How’s it going?”

“Fine, I guess,” Robin sighed, joining Strange, Sarah, and America at their table.

Noting how downhearted the Muppets were, Sarah asked, “What’s wrong? I figured you guys would be celebrating by now. I mean, I know the theater was a big loss, but…”

“It’s not that, Sarah,” Scooter told her. “It’s just…the Doctor left without saying goodbye.”

“We wanted to thank her for all that she did,” Gonzo said.

“For helping to bring everybody back,” Fozzie included.

“And to apologize,” Kermit said on his behalf. “I treated her so horribly…blamed her for doing what she had to do. And even after we succeeded in getting everyone – especially Robin here – back, I didn’t once stop and tell her ‘Thank you’.”

“And you’ll never have to, Kermit the Frog.”

Kermit and his friends stiffened when they heard the voice of the Thirteenth Doctor speak from behind them. There they saw her standing and smiling right at them, just as she had the first time they met. “Doctor!” Robin cheered, hopping away from the table to hug the Time Lord at her hip. “We thought you left!”

The Doctor gingerly patted the tiny frog’s back. “I had to do a favor for Steve Rogers, after we returned the Stones to their worlds – and found a new home for the Power Stone.”

“What sort of favor did you do for him?” Scooter asked.

“He wanted me to take him back…to 1949,” the Doctor said. “He’s gonna stay there, leave the mantle of ‘Captain America’ to Sam Wilson, and happily retire. But, if any of you happen to see a 112-year-old man around the city, be sure to stop and say ‘Hello’ to him.”

The Muppets nodded in agreement, though Fozzie was prompted to ponder, “I wonder what’s in 1949 for him.”

“Not a what, but a who – and that’s all I’m allowed to say,” the Doctor winked.

“But she is allowed to tell you what Captain Rogers left for the Muppets,” a gruff, stern, and patriotic voice said from the entrance. In stepped Sam the Eagle, looking more dignified than usual as he approached the Doctor and the Muppets. “No longer will we have to live in such uncouth habitations like that decrepit boarding house in Queens or that theater – good riddance!”

“Then where are we staying, Sam?” Scooter inquired.


After a two-hour drive upstate, the Electric Mayhem bus – carrying an ensemble of Muppet characters, big and small – arrived at the site of the New Avengers Facility. The grounds were unoccupied, all left for the Muppets to do as they pleased. Sam the Eagle had become the new caretaker of the facility, following Rogers’ retirement and the Avengers’ disbandment.

The Muppets walked in, awed by all the large space and numbers of available rooms for every pig, chicken, bear, king prawn, scientist, weirdo/alien, band player, drummer, and frog to do as they please. None of them wasted any time in getting settled.

“Is this really all ours?” Robin asked, standing in the foyer with his uncle, who could barely believe himself of what they inherited.

“It’d seem so,” Kermit confirmed.

Together, they glanced at the “A” still on the wall.

“It’ll always be the Avengers headquarters to me,” Robin decreed. “But we should give it a new name to suit us.” He then thought about it and suggested, “How ‘bout we call it ‘Muppet Central’?”

Kermit approved it with a nod. “That’s a great name, Robin.”


An explosion erupted somewhere in the upper floors, nearly scaring Kermit and Robin half to death. “Sawww-reeeee,” they heard Animal growl.

Shaking his head, Kermit told his nephew, “Let’s just hope we’ll still be able to call it ‘Muppet Central’ after a day.”


Bobo preferred days (if there was still such a concept) in the TVA when he could just relax at his desk in the courtroom, enjoying a peanut butter and honey sandwich or two. After taking a few bites, he nearly choked when Miss Minutes popped in front of him and informed, “Sorry to interrupt, boss,” she said, “but the big boss wants to speak to ya on Line 3.”

Downing some chocolate milk, Bobo rasped, “Thanks.” As soon as Miss Minutes was away, Bobo reached for the orange rotary phone sitting on his desk and answered, “H-Hey there, sir, how’s it goin’?”

“I should be asking you that,” the Conqueror said. His voice was so icy, even through the phone, Bobo got chills. “Is our new guest in the Void behaving himself?”

“O-Of course, sir,” Bobo confirmed. “He’s miserable, but he’s behavin’.”

“Good. Let’s keep him that way.”

“Y-Yes, s-sir. Hey, uh, now that I’m speakin’ to ya, is there any way we can get one of those candy machines in the Void in the waiting room? You know, the one with the M&M’s logo on the front?”


“Hello? You still there, sir?”

All he heard was a dial tone on the other end to signify the end of the call. Shrugging, Bobo hung up the receiver and returned to his sandwich.


Thanos wished that he had died along with his army.

It would have been a more welcoming fate than being sent into the Void, a point located at the end of time used to send everything pruned by the Time Variance Authority, just like himself. He sat amid an endless wasteland, scattered with various items discarded from different realities.

His only companion was a pink, bulgy-eyed lizard that annoyed him to no end.

“Hey-hey, Thane, my man! Look what I found!” The lizard carried a 1990s boom box, setting it next to Thanos. “I hadn’t seen one of these in a long time! And check it out – it still plays!” He switched on the boom box; a Whitney Houston single blared through the speakers and into the ears of Thanos. “Ahh, man! I love this song! C’mon, dance with me, Thane!”

There was no denying it: Thanos was forever trapped in a living nightmare.