Complete Palisades muppet collection, really complete also the rare ones FOR SALE


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Jan 17, 2024
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Hello, as i am since childhood a hugh fan of the muppets i made my complete collection of the palisades muppets. Now i am getting older and tried to sell them in my country, but they do not know the meaning of a true fan collection. I have the whole set complet, so also every rare and exclusive item (yes also white tuxedo Rowlf and the wedding set) really the complete collection complete. I love to sell this to a hugh fan as myself. There is only one problem... I live in the netherlands (europe). (For a true fan who wants the chance to get this collection complet that will not be a problem :wink:)
If there is a true fan with a serious bid or want more info or pictures, please let me know. I have some figures (and the 5 playset) out of the box, but many many and allmost all exclusives in the original box, bag or case.
my email is , ebay: dennis75muppet