Are Bert, Ernie, and Snuffleupagus still on Sesame Street?


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Sep 7, 2002
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I hope so. Snuffy's probably still on, but I'm not sure about Ernie and Bert. Perhaps the whole "negative stereotypes of gay people" accusations about them have gotten strong enough that Sesame Workshop has caved in and removed them. Besides, Ernie's puppeteer, Steve Whitmire, hasn't done Ernie since 2017 (even though it was Disney, and not Sesame, that fired him), so that may have something to do with it.
Well, Pete's been Ernie for a few years now, so I don't think Steve's dismissal would have much do with that. About the gay people issue, I don't know since they have Frank and Dave now, but Sesame Workshop has always described Bert and Ernie as 'just friends.'

I do wonder about Snuffy though I think that since COVID they were concerned about having both Marty and Byrant in Snufflupagus suit or have the new eps been filmed post pandemic? (Remember I don't get HBOMax, so I'm falling behind on this info.) Another theory is that since Snuffy's role on the show has mainly been Big Bird's best friend (presumed imaginary friend for his first 14 years on the show :smile:), not that BB's role has been reduced, it might be hard for them to write Snuffy into new eps, but we'll see if he pops up in anything new. I liked Minor Muppets idea of using him in animation. I could see him being used in an ep of "Mysterious Mysteries."