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Any stories to share?


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Aug 8, 2003
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Just out of curiosity, does anyone have any stories to share about your experiences with the Muppeteers? I do!

One day during the eighth grade, when I was in reading class, there was a sudden announcement on the intercom. The principal came on and said "Would Jerry Nelson please report to the main office please? Jerry Nelson, please report to the main office". No one else in the room seemed to give a care, but I was all like "Jerry Nelson?! THE Jerry Nelson?! At MY school?! Nah, it couldn't be, probably someone else with the same name".
I remember two years earlier how Loretta Long visited our school when she was on an educational tour through our city, but I found this experience with "Jerry Nelson" more interesting, because after I told my mom about it, she said "maybe it really was the same guy you're thinking of". To this day, I will never know whether it was the real Jerry Nelson at my school or not.


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Nov 14, 2004
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Well this might not be a big woop but I thought I share anyway for those who might not know. For about 10 years I used to wirte to the Muppets at leats once a month sometimes more.
I got like 5 autographed Pictures, and probably 10 letters from the Staff of JHP.
Autographed Photos...
Frank Oz signed but not personalized
Caroll Spinny I got a autographed photo pluse a 2 page letter hand written by him and a christmas card he also drew and a picture of Big Bird that he also drew, and 2 postcards that he signed.
I got a personlized autographed of Kathy Mullen and Mokey
I letter from Pat Nugent along with e Book Muppet and Men
About 5 unsigned photos Of Jim Hanson with the Muppets some unseen by most fans
2 autographed pictures from Steve Whitmire one of Kermit and one of Him and Rizzo both personalized.
I'm sure I had written to all of them at some point but I didn't get a reply from ever letter I had written. I tried writing to Cheryl Henson once, but she was away for Christmas by the time my letter got to her so her sectory replied to it, and it was postmarked on Christmas eve.
Other Muppeteer related stuff that might have happened to me was...
I saw a guy on a bus that looked almost excatly like Steve, and he was sitting right next to me. At first I thougth it was him but I had a closer look and thought nah it wasn't but it sure gave my heart a little jolt. I mean How awsome that would be if I auctally did meet Steve on a bus. lol
I met Alyson Court once when I went to see Big Comfy Couth Live but that's something differnt. :smile: