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Animated Hotties?


Well-Known Member
May 19, 2012
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Wow why is this a thread! A disturbing amount of these characters are minors btw.
Well, maybe some of us are minors? I'm 17 and I have a crush on Jaime Reyes from Young Justice, who is 16 (and 18 in the third season.)


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Aug 8, 2003
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And this is why I've been banned from stepping foot inside any comedy club in the country that Luan Loud may happen to be performing at. 😱

All kidding aside, this kind of junk is all over the internet - there's some weirdos out there who like making Rule34-esque fan works of characters even younger.


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Jun 18, 2012
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Gladys Hippo, Beverly Bighead, and Virginia Wolf (Rocko's Modern Life)
Carol, Enid, Cosma, Drupe, Carla, Punching Judy, and Foxtail (OK K.O.! Lets Be Heroes)
Big Bertha (Fritz the Cat)
Mary Frances Gibbons (The Mighty B!)
Ms. Endvie (Chowder)
Helen Parr/Elastigirl (The Incredibles)
Kairel (El Arca de Noe/Noah's Ark)
Peg Pete (Goof Troop)
Bunny "Momma" Bravo (Johnny Bravo) P.S. Mostly just Seasons 1 and 4
Agnes Johnson, Fiona, and Rita Loud (The Loud House)
Frida Puga-Casagrande, Carlota Casagrande, and Padma (The Casagrandes)
Gloria (Madagacar)
Bottomly and Fanny Buttfield (Tiny Toon Adventures: Episode 55 Viewer Mail Day Segment 3: Buttering up the Buttfields)
Edwina Grunion (Mr. Peabody and Sherman)
Honey Buttowski (Kick Buttowski)
Aunt Grizelda (The Lorax)
Sylvia (Wander Over Yonder)
Sandra Babcock, Courtney Babcock, and Sheriff Hooper (ParaNorman)
Millicent and (From the 1942 short Eating on the Cuff or The Moth Who Came to Dinner) Black Widow Spider (Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies)
Ten's Mother, Ryuunosuke Fujinami, Sakura, and Princess Kurama (Urusei Yatsura)
Akemi Roppongi (Maison Ikkoku)
Sylia Stingray and Priscilla S. Asagiri (Bubblegum Crisis)
Hello Nurse, Flavio, and Marita (Animaniacs)
Ally Cassandra (Bubsy)
Debbie (American Dad)
Ms. Pepper Pac-Man (The 1982 Pac-Man Cartoon)
Una (Le Big-Bang/The Big Bang)
Tsuyu Asui/Froppy (My Hero Academia)
Daisy Duck (Disney)
Brenda and Teresa del Taco (Sausage Party)
Annabelle (Eek! The Cat)
Hekapoo (Star vs. the Forces of Evil)
Donna, Nancy Hicks-Gribble, and Didi Hill (King of The Hill)
Mrs. Puff (SpongeBob SquarePants)
endive and mrs puff

surely youre cappin...


Active Member
Jul 12, 2016
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Here's some new ones

Piper (Timon and Pumbaa: Episode 1b: Saskatchewan Catch)
Big Boo (Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation)
Queen Victoria (The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists!)
Mom (Eek! The Cat)
Angry Lady (Gravity Falls)
Grandis Granva (Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water)
Danuza (Irmão do Jorel)
Kirika Misono (Eiken)
Dramatic Cow (We Bare Bears: The Movie)
Female Ranma (Ranma 1/2)
Tena, Marina Williams, Harley, Mimi Williams, and August Williams (Eggheads the Webcomic/Trent Carpenter)
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