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Apr 21, 2002
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I don’t usually do Fan Art. I very much admire those of you who have created your own fan art. I just don’t have much art talent myself. However, However, I do a bit of quilt making, and for once I’ve made something which I think could be included as such …..
About 5 or 6 years ago, I was browsing Ebay and found some, vintage Muppet Show fabric. The seller just happened to have some vintage Roland Rat fabric. I found myself thinking: “Hang on a minute ‘The Muppet Show’ and ‘Roland Rat’ well there’s one obvious link between those two…. (one puppeteer who worked on both) wouldn’t it be fun, make a quilt inspired by Louise Gold’s extraordinary career? I wonder what other fabric I could find that would fit that that theme?” Well Sesame Street of course. Also BellaStrichery’s Dark Crystal and Labyrinth fabric blocks. I decided to consider fabrics that could in some way represent a production sometimes from one little thing about it (for example using cowgirl fabric to represent Calamity Jane or Pirate fabric for The Pirates of Penzance). I’ve also used Icon fabrics to represent some of the less well known Henson projects that Louise has puppeteered on For the Muppet films (that Louise puppeteered on) I’ve chosen a generalised Muppet fabric to represent each film.
The nature of the The Muppet Show scraps I got that started this off, meant that to make a proper image I had to put a couple of pieces together. They ended up a funny shape, that spills over onto other fabrics “places”, which I actually rather like the effect, as it’s a bit like the way puppetry in general and The Muppets in particular sort of took over Louise’s career.
If you are interested in seeing a photograph of the quilt I have put it on Smugmug, see: