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7/8/05: Statler and Waldorf reviews at Movies.com

That Announcer

Well-Known Member
Mar 12, 2005
Reaction score
I thought that it was pretty good, apart from some of the voice work. John Kennedy should be given Rowlf, as his Dr. Teeth is so close to Jim's that his Rowlf is probably very comparable. The jokes were pretty darn funny, except for the "once you're orange" one (I got it, it's just that it was really dumb).

I'm surprised that everyone is complaining about Waldorf's voice, as Dave has been performing the character since MCC!

Vic Romano

Well-Known Member
Nov 17, 2003
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MrsPepper said:
Oompa Loompa's are orange. And there's a similar saying, also having to do with the colour of someone's skin, if you switch out the word orange. I'll leave you to it, I don't want to type it out in full in case it would offend someone, but I'm sure you can figure it out. Quite a racy thing for them to say, really, if you understood it.
I know the reference, but that would imply that Statler and... well you know and that was the thing that made me go "Wha?"


Well-Known Member
Jan 31, 2005
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AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I didn't get to see this until today and I got to see ROWLF!!!!! Rowlf was awesome! I agree, Bill is doing a great job, sounds almost like Jim's Rowlf. Either way it was just too great to see him SPEAKING again!!!! Woo-hoo! :excited: :excited: :excited:


Well-Known Member
Jun 3, 2002
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Go to the original thread

FYI - I really didn't create a new thread, I posted in an original thread under Muppet Headlines with the same name but no date. Not sure but it is apparently one of those database errors that Phillip mentioned recently or I just did some sloppy posting!

So, go there because there is much more discussion at that thread and no reason to have multiples going. See you there! :smile: