Greetings and Bienvenue, My name is Zephyr or just plain “Zeph” to others. My introduction to the Muppets started when my family gave me a copy of The Muppet Movie on VHS, around 2001. The movie piqued my interest after seeing the comical exploits of Kermit the Frog, daredevil comedy by the marvelous Gonzo, and the musically chaotic Electric Mayhem. After that introduction, my mind grew attached to the works of Jim Henson. My interest lead me to start watching The Muppet Show on VHS regularly, attempting to not be frightened by The Storyteller, and trying to understand The Jim Henson Hour on YouTube.

Once I got older though, my appreciation for Jim Henson collaborated with my interest with comic books, specifically Dc comics. During 2007, my interest with Henson took the waysides as the Muppets were appearing less frequently in the media and their last few movies nearly caused their end. However in 2011, a new Muppet movie came out and it jumpstarted a new craze for the Muppets again. After seeing the film firsthand, my appreciation for Henson renewed itself like a Phoenix. As of this year, I’m prepared to unleash my love for the Muppets upon this forum and I’m ready to make new friends as well. Although this year I’m very curious about Hensonville, it looks like a pretty good rpg and I’m very interested in rp’ing in the Muppet world.

Introductions aside, here’s some random facts about myself that couldn’t be mentioned in the profile itself. (Updated 2019-2020)
-I’ve suggested “Hare Krishna” to anyone who’s been lost or directionless in my town
- I prefer The Storyteller or The Muppet Show over Sesame Street (Don’t hate it but never was too into it, since my cable had few channels when I was a lad)
-I'm awaiting to see a criminals red hands change a different color, seriously what color are their hands now?
- Animal is my secret spirit anima....erm creature, alongside Gonzo and Digit.
-The Muppet Newsman is my go-to news anchor, he’s way more honest than Fox News
-My favorite performer is Richard Hunt and second favorite is Jerry Nelson
-I’m an aspiring writer with several different Muppet stories ready to be shown to the forum populace *Cackles like Crazy Harry*
-I believe Gonzo to be a creature not of this plane of existence, higher than aliens (Although he may be an alien....)
-My favorite artists and writers are; Roy Thomas, Michael Frith, Jack Kirby, Mark Twain, Stephen King, and James Robinson.
-I wish the Jim Henson Hour got a comic book (I’ve a few fanfictions that could be a potential story for the comics)
-My middle name is Matt and “Traveling Matt” is a nickname that is used by my schoolmates

*Goals for myself this Year*
1: Start Posting Muppet Fanfiction
2: Make new friends
3: Possibly try Hensonville rp
4: Have Fun
5: Learn more about Jim Henson and his creations
Aug 3, 1999 (Age: 24)
Old Saybrook, Connecticut
Favorite Movie
The Muppet Movie (1979)
Favorite Show
The Storyteller (1987)
Favorite Characters
Gonzo, Digit, Animal, and Beauregard
Favorite Collectibles
Henson Literature (Muppet Comics included)
Dreamer, Writer, and Weirdo