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    What sketches scared you as a kid?

    Back for my biannual visit, heh. Falling into the "wasn't terrifying, but guaranteed to produce unease" category, was this, and the "foghorn" heard in the beginning here.
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    What sketches scared you as a kid?

    Much thanks to RedPiggy for sharing the link, and to Dena for the list- imdb discussion and a nightmare fuel page on tvtropes, too? I guess I'm not so surprised (or unique) after all. I'd completely forgotten about the Count's "Bones" song.. but do remember nightmares about skeletons coming...
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    Favorite Cookie Monster Sketch

    I loved Cookie Monster in just about anything, but today I've got to say the "Mystery Box" sketch with Kermit is my favorite... "Arrivederci, Frog." :DGENIUS!
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    What sketches scared you as a kid?

    Apparently I have been away for so long that the forum software's changed- looks good! Yet I digress... After recently watching the J.E.J. 1-10 count (which I have no memory of seeing as a kid), I had thought to myself "Geez, that ducking out of frame so quickly at the end would've kinda...
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    Least likeable Sesame character?

    Back after a long hiatus... yep, Baby Bear was the character that inspired a "You're kidding me, right?"-reaction from me; at the same time, I was well beyond SS's target audience age upon seeing him, so therefore maybe not a totally fair call? The character I feel completely comfortable in...
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    Does Your Family Member have a fav. skit?

    I remember asking my mom as a teen what she remembered/liked, and she basically enjoyed the skits/characters that she saw me really get engaged by as a toddler. She paid more attention to the characters than individual skits, but she thought Grover was adorable (natch), and got a big kick out of...
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    Bouncing Baby Figs

    You win. I was overcome by the tidal wave of cuteness when I, in my innocence, clicked on your YouTube link. No fair! (scuffscuffscuffscuff...Charlie! I need some figs in a blanket, pronto!")'re not even "Fuzzy and Blue" (or orange) either...
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    Bouncing Baby Figs

    Darn it, you got me there. You just leave my "cute" button alone, you.... :super:
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    True or False

    Arthur Ewing = Marvin Suggs (conceptually speaking)?
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    It's a Great Day to Be a Muppet Fan!

    "...For their own safety, while they were dozing, I took the precaution of chaining them to their chairs"....
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    Bouncing Baby Figs

    ...Look, I'm still trying to cope with being exposed to the "Fozmit" picture, let alone attempting to picture Kermit/Piggy progeny. "Bouncing baby figs" is about as far as my poor mind can take it :super:
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    What sketches scared you as a kid?

    I've got to say, I never knew the whole "Snuffy" thing would spark this much discussion!
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    Anybody remember the old Ernie ragdolls? Knickerbocker?

    I wish I still had mine- Ernie's painted-on face crackled and flaked off too much in the end... poor Bert's arms didn't survive too many years of my rough childhood love either... As a toddler, I used to stare in fascination at the inside of my Bert's head. I was reminded of that by watching...
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    What sketches scared you as a kid?

    Yes, I've seen both Mr. Rogers' appearance on SS, and :wisdom:'s appearance on "Mister Roger's Neighborhood"; I know of what you speak. There's no way that Fred would've ever been dismissive of Big Bird; he's only 6! Just to get back on topic, the B&E sketch featuring the repeating...
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    Too old for Sesame Street

    Honestly speaking? I blame the Purple Doofy One for much of the progression of children's programming; however, it's worth asking- wouldn't there eventually be the equivalent thereof, as more and more people with less ideals than greed seized upon the idea? It always seems that for every person...