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    Audrey II Final Product

    Beautiful puppets!
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    Has anyone tried spray paint on foam sheets?

    You can use floral spray paint. It stays flexible and won't damage the foam at all. Works on styrofoam too.
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    Help Making a Cookie Monster Replica/Puppet Pattern

    I used the Borsa pattern for my Cookie Monster but made some adjustments. Obviously he has 5 fingers, not 4 and I lengthened the neck a bit. You have to make your own pattern for the head though.
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    Fozzie Bear Replica Puppet

    try Barge Glue
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    Miss Piggy head

    You know what's frustrating? Buying a gallon of silicone rubber to discover it only covers half your sculpture. /: I guess the pig will have to wait for more funds. Feeling frustrated.
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    Kermit experiment

    Good colors!
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    Miss Piggy head

    click on this link:
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    Miss Piggy head

    I hate how you can't upload a picture from your computer on this forum. You should be able to choose & upload it like you can in an email or on FB. :grr:
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    Trying something different

    Very Labyrinth looking. Cool
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    Attempting Gonzo

    Watch the lower jaw. Make sure it's not longer than the top of his mouth. ;). Try airbrushing for color. If that's not an option, floral spray paint. Light blue, flesh, & purple.
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    Miss Piggy head

    It's in an old puppetry book & I've seen it around the internet too.
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    Miss Piggy head

    There's an old pic of her body being built in the workshop, unflocked & it's all reticulated foam.
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    The Making of My Rowlf Replica Puppet

    Any updates on Rowlf?
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    Miss Piggy head

    I think only her head & ears are sculpted & cast. Her body & arms are made from reticulated foam I believe, though I could be wrong.