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Recent content by Soul H

  1. Soul H

    Sesame Street Bloopers/Technical Difficulties

    In the News Flash sketch "The Princess And The Cookie" when the Royal Lackey said he thinks he threw his sacroiliac out of whack he was rubbing his head in pain. The goof is that the sacroiliac is really connected to the very lower part of the spine.
  2. Soul H

    Questions we may never know the answer

    Another one comes to mind: In the African Animal Alphabet, they sing "H is Hippopotamus here's a laugh". They could have used Hyena for the H, in reference to the classic term laugh like a hyena. Weird no?
  3. Soul H

    Questions we may never know the answer

    Try and figure these question involving the Count. In the early seasons he'd pronounce a word with a v such as "seven" as "seven" but as the years go by the v sound changed into a w such as from "seven" to "sewen". Why is that? and now for question 2: In the early Count sketches in his...
  4. Soul H

    Do you feel bad for liking Sesame Street?

    Not at all. I kept it to myself at school. But my brothers on the other hand, used to put me down for watching it. :( But when they learned about my Aspergers' Syndrome they understood completely.
  5. Soul H

    Subway - Which version do you like better?

    I totally think the TV version of Subway is better.
  6. Soul H

    Questions we may never know the answer

    Here's another one: In some of the News Flash segments Kermit usually goes "Hi-Ho!" but in others he greets them in a normal way like "Hi there", "Hello there" etc. Why is that? :confused:
  7. Soul H

    Songs You've Heard TOO Often

    I defenatly think that "Elmo's Song" is played WAY to often. It totally grinds my gears that I hear this song almost everywhere I go to. :mad:
  8. Soul H

    Sesame Street in Canada, back in the day

    Being a fellow Canadian I totally remember Canadian Sesame Street. Especially when they aired American episodes but replaced certain clips with French segments or some clips in English dubbed in French. Either way it was classic.
  9. Soul H

    Sad by Little Jerry

    Oh by the way although this is a late reply, when I said that I hoped this didn't make you mad, there was no pun intended.
  10. Soul H

    What's your favorite Sesame 1-2-3's?

    I remember that. The 16 Samba. He was a 1 from the country She was a 6 from the town He fell in love when he saw her wearing her carnival gown They had the orchestra playing It was a key to romance They made a brand new number when they begin to...dance 16 that's the number I mean It's...
  11. Soul H

    Who are your 3 favorite Sesame Street characters?

    Hmmm...If I were to choose, I would say in no particular order (a little Bob Sagat humour there) 1. Grover - His absent-mindedness always cracks me up. 2. Cookie Monster - His appetite for destruction is a laugh riot. 3. The Sneaky Salesman - Always seeking silence when selling must be...
  12. Soul H

    Favorite Bert and Ernie Sketch

    Another Ernie and Bert sketch that always cracks me up, is when they go to Egypt to explore a pyramid. The best part was when Ernie said and I quote: Bert, the statu...the...the sta...the sta...the sta...the sta...atue just talked to be Bert! I still fall to the floor laughing over that...
  13. Soul H

    What Sketches Made You Laugh?

    Another sketch that always kills me is when Cookie Monster puts on an overly-melodramatic scene. Like when he and Prairie Dawn were talking about the first cookie and the last cookie and Cookie Monster thought it was the last cookie...FOREVER!
  14. Soul H

    Fave SST Songs

    I'd have to say my favourite songs are: Anything by Little Jerry and The Monotones Count It Higher Letter B Thinking Of U U Really Got A Hold On Me Danger's No Stranger Wet Paint Don't Walk Exit The Word Is NO! Earth Rain & Mud Hammer Time Dance Myself To Sleep Two Heads Are...
  15. Soul H

    RIP Paul Benedict

    Although he died I will always laugh at the time when he painted an 8 on the bald guys shiny dome. :( :cry: