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    Plushtrap puppet

    I'm making puppets again! Well, I made a puppet. Because I now have a 4-to-6-hour-a-DAY commute (moan whimper) I don't have a lot of free time these days, and arthritis is a thing, so marathon sewing sprees are out. Anyhow! I made my first new Muppet-style puppet in about a year! This is...
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    Slackbot draws stuff

    Hey, remember me? I've been making comics based on the "Five Nights at Freddy's" game series. This is comic #169. I went back to something I posted a loooong time ago to my text sketchbook, rewrote it to make for better visuals, and did this thing. The style I've been using for this comic...
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    Happy Birthday Slackbot

    Thank you! It's been a good birthday. Lots of happy greetings, my coworkers ambushed me with a cake, I found a Golden Freddy plushie, and people have been doing birthday fan art for me. And I just paid off my mortgage! You know you're an adult when you want to turn backflips over paying off...
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    Puppet-in-Progress: From the foam up

    Sorry I didn't reply to this, oh, over a month ago. Unfortunately, due to arthritis in my hands I can't do the hours of intensive sewing that puppets entail, and due to a much longer commute I now have very little free time. So, I haven't been able to make any puppets for some time now. :sigh:
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    TV Alert: The Bells of Fraggle Rock on ABC Family December 12 and 13

    Ouch. I'm glad I missed this showing. I would have been mightily ticked off if I'd seen such an important scene chopped. Really, if something has to go, it ought to be a Doc & Sprocket scene, which won't leave a hole in the plot.
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    Puppet-in-Progress: From the foam up

    *laughs* The lenses for Skeeter's glasses are plastic spoons from Kroger! I cut off the handles, then sanded them until that edge was round. The frames...that was much trickier. I have some black vinyl placemats I bought for craft purposes waaaay back in the '90s, and I used those for the...
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    Puppet-in-Progress: From the foam up

    What do you mean by "flag"?
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    Puppet-in-Progress: From the foam up

    I'll be honest, the rods do tend to slip a little, especially if you let them hang. I cut the pointy end off of the pin so it won't snag on the fabric, and wrap very heavy thread around the rod where it attaches to the pin for traction. If I know that I want the rod there for the forseeable...
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    I went to the grand opening, and I had a wonderful time. Once again I brought Janken along, and I took lots of left-handed photos. I was also photographed a lot; he was camera-bait for the press and attracted a lot of little kids and nostalgic adults. I got to meet some neato people. There...
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    Yep, Janken followed me around. Well, actually, vice versa. A lot of people misgendered him, but he's used to it, and doesn't take it personally. I spoke with someone who I believe is a blogger with The Muppet Mindset. Look out for an article on the opening over there.
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    Guess who went to the Members-only preview and took a whole lot of photos? The photos suck because I was shooting left-handed (because I had a Fraggle on my right hand) with an old iPod and I also am a sucky photographer.
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    Your Thoughts: The Muppets Season 1 Episode 101 - Pig Girls Don't Cry (Pilot)

    Hi! Remember me? I watched the premiere yesterday, and overall I enjoyed it. It felt very much like a first episode, with the new situation being introduced and the viewers being brought up to speed on the situation. Hopefully we're past that and next week we can focus more on plot, because...
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    Puppet-in-Progress: From the foam up

    I make puppets on commission.
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    Sesame Street shrinks to 30 minutes, new shows will premiere on HBO and PBS nine months later

    How ironic that a show that was originally designed to reach children of all income brackets is going to a premium cable channel. It does soften the blow that HBO will foot the bill and then give it to PBS for free; that protects it from threats to the funding. (Hopefully HBO will not cut SST...