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Recent content by renegade

  1. renegade

    Enjoy please let you know what you think?

    I Directed these...built and designed the whole thing. please enjoy I feel the writing is a bit weak but you have to learn to roll with what your given.. Greetings From **** 1, 2, 3 Shakespeare Motor Mouth Malone Confucius say I had two amazing puppeteers on this Project the were more then...
  2. renegade

    Meet MeRk

    Sure . very nice clean lines . I think this is your best yet ! his pupil eye line Is right on ! and that gives it a certain amount of life . if I may make a little suggestion . Just tighten the gap between the base of the eyes and his fur . and like I said Keep'em comin All so I love seeing all...
  3. renegade

    Meet MeRk

    PRO PRO PRO Nice job ........ Wow what a well done puppet !! Keep 'em comin
  4. renegade

    A Green Beaver and a Purple Frog ????

    Hey thanks gang . the beavers body was made by taking the The Punto Pattern and turning it upside down . then I cut a hole for the head and used the great The Roly pattern and added a snout to the pattern and stuffed it with cotton filling . the eyes were made from a glossy buttons found at...
  5. renegade

    A Green Beaver and a Purple Frog ????

    Sure anything is possible in the Big Magic Book . I Created these puppets for two great friends of mine for one of the Seq. of the Puppet project Big Magic Book ! Also these puppets were created using ProjectPuppet.com patterns with a little bit of modification
  6. renegade


    Supet sweet show last saturday I really enjoyed myself ..Your guys timing and acting is out of the world . Anita the great ! what a amazing voice it really is full and carrys very well . the butler you did really had such a great soul behind him . It's so funny you really feel it in his eyes if...
  7. renegade

    Swazzle it Rulled the school!!

    Just got back from the Swazzle show what a blast! There is some great acting in there and the kids loved it ! If any one ever get's a chance please check it out ! Great puppet design also . So sorry I was unable to introduce myself my little boy was on the move . He was a bit young for the...
  8. renegade

    Care for a Drink ?

    U guys and Gals Rule the school!!! thanks so much for your kind words they really mean alot ! Please if you ever see anything that could be improved be sure to tell me, I share here to Learn and get better thanks again
  9. renegade

    New Custom Puppet Pictures

    BEZALEL I'm Sitting here At my Desk at work Crying !!! THOSE ARE AMAZING!!!!! Sreetvee Knocked me OVER in my chair and The Witch Picked me right back UP!!!!
  10. renegade

    New Simple Series Pattern at Project Puppet

    Rottenpuppets Can you hook us up with a closer pics of his whole head I love how you did his eyes! Nice work!
  11. renegade

    "Hand Hugger" HELP!

    I've never seen the pattern but have seen he video , Also in there kits they don't include patterns anymore? . But it was taking about 2 peices of 1/4 foam and making a little mound in the middle of the upper plate . then carve off the corners and round it out a bit . Place a piece of shammy...
  12. renegade

    Care for a Drink ?

    Here is the little Bartender man I made . I tryed to show how expressive he can be! By the way, he was made from the new Projectpuppet.com Simple Pattern. I get my Inspiration from all of you here! Thanks Gang..
  13. renegade

    Bezalel These Test Look GREAT!!!

    It's So nice see when to work becomes ALIVE!!! Gal and Gals checkit out here!!! Look for the test clips entry
  14. renegade

    Hey Gang did you see these???

    http://img133.imageshack.us/img133/6492/gonzo1to3.jpg http://img133.imageshack.us/img133/8919/gonzo2cz7.jpg http://img46.imageshack.us/img46/8559/gonzo3wy9.jpg http://img74.imageshack.us/img74/9290/gonzo4cp3.jpg http://img74.imageshack.us/img74/769/gonzo5pn3.jpg...
  15. renegade

    Next Muppet Replicas: Gonzo, Animal

    O Baby sign me up!!! What a great job and thanks so much for sharring!!!!