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    Are Bert, Ernie, and Snuffleupagus Still On Sesame Street?

    Bert and Ernie were just in a new episode a few weeks ago. Snuffy doesn't appear to have been used this season, presumably as a COVID-related thing.
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    Little things we've noticed

    Basically the same. The Kermit one was more of a storyboard than script, so I didn't really bother much with it. The former. They have episode scripts there as well, but I didn't look through any of them because we've already got that stuff covered. It's entirely possible there's earlier...
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    Little things we've noticed

    Pretty much. It doesn't seem really amount to much of anything; they look for the sarcophagus, eventually find it, and go to sleep. Yawn. I'm sure they might have been some funny lines and such in it, but the Prince Sahu plot is a lot more interesting and gives the whole special an emotional...
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    Sesame Street Classics HBO Max Rollouts

    as said by Mr. "I want every episode from 1 to 3000."
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    Lots of MUP3's, Wanna Trade?

    I'm lookin' for: -There's a Lot I Want to Know (the original version) -I've Got Two
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    Here's an idea...

    Not gonna happen.
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    Official: "The Muppets Mayhem" Disney+ series in development, filming April 2022

    So, does The Muppet Movie or Muppet Show imply there aren't a lot of Muppets involved?
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    Official: "The Muppets Mayhem" Disney+ series in development, filming April 2022

    Yeah, it's dumb in many of those cases. It should really be "Muppet Mayhem." THE MuppetS Mayhem sounds stupid.
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    Respectful Politics Thread (Let's Just See)

    Gas prices aren't a President's doing?
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    The Muppet Show Season 4 Episode 4 - Dyan Cannon

    I don't believe any rod removal was done on these shows. There's some times where the rod doesn't appear to be visible during Kermit's intros, but that appears on older versions as well; I think it's a side affect of the chroma keying whatever the curtains open up on.
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    So how many episodes of Sesame Street were filmed via Covid-19 restriction of distant learning ?

    That remains to be seen. I'm assuming there's at least one more; Suki Lopez didn't come in because of the pandemic, but the people playing her family are credited, so my wager is they'll do a video chat episode with them.
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    Your Thoughts: HBO Max streaming service officially launches

    They do not have them.
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    Sesame Street Season 52 Episode 5212 - Astro Team Alpha

    I wonder if this was inspired by the popularity of Among Us (space-themed online co-op game) during the pandemic.