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    Statler & Waldorf on

    wow wow that was interseting i'm really excited
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    Victory is Ours!

    I'm sorry I have been gone for awhile gose this mean disney isn't getting the muppets or not :confused:
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    Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

    NO No this show changes lives I LOOOVe it
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    Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

    Who else other than me can't wait for this show to come on every weekend I never miss it I LOVE IT :)
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    A Wrinkle in Time

    I read the book in the 6th grade and couldn't understand it so last week when I saw it was going to be on I watched and loved it (I love anything with romace in it) now I know what the movie is about :)
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    The Wild Thornberries, anyone like 'um?

    :mad: um can we say NO I think that show is so stupid when ever I see that it's on I imediatly change the channle if we really want to punish prisoners make them watch it :mad:
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    End of "Friends"

    I watched all 2 hours of it and loved every minute of it. I loved the whole Chicken Jr. and Duck Jr. in the fouse ball table it is gone (you know were going to see that on Ebay soon!) I started to scream with joy when Rachel said "I got off the plane" but may I say that I was really distraght...
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    Muppet Email System

    To: All From: Kermit Subject: Mischife Just so everybody knows I get a copy of every email sent so if anything happens I'll know
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    Muppet Email System

    To: Kermit From: Animal Subject: Internet Sorry Me like email EMAIL EMAIL EMAIL EMAIL EMAIL EMAIL EMAIL EMAIL EMAIL Animal
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    It's Official: Disney completes Muppet acquisition

    Yeah I'm so excited! Aren't you all?
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    Confessing Crushes...

    I have a crush on trunks from dragon ball z :zany:
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    Another Mahna Mahna Song?

    I have the CD with that song on it called SS silly songs
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    Happy Birthday Rockstargirl

    Everybody I'm proud to announce it is Rockstargirl (Gina's) Birthday so everybody say happy birthday to the 17 year old yeah. P.S. Gina I love that your my BF I can wait to spend many more years going to Disneyland, handing out, and just talking about the muppets you and me will never stop...
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    Easter Menu

    I love the new menu it's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute thank you so much Phill. And everybody rember its Rockstargirl (Gina) Birthday this weekend.
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    Feeling down

    I made up a dance for you Beau it gose like this. Wasent that a good dance, yah I thought that was good too. Well feel better okay my love -Scarlett :halo: