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Recent content by oknazevad

  1. oknazevad

    Official: New Fraggle Rock full-length series in development, Classic Fraggle Rock arrives on AppleTV+

    I wouldn't pay too much mind to the use of "reboot". Yes, what you say is strictly true, that "reboot" means to ignore the previous continuity and start a new one, but Hollywood press has been incorrectly overusing the term for a while now, even using the term for things that are explicitly...
  2. oknazevad

    Worst Muppet Movie

    Well, I would think the feature length TV movies would be the ones toward the bottom of the list, as they're generally less meaningful productions. Of those three, I actually like VXM the most. Yes, some of the gags were quickly dated because they're a bit too tied to the immediate moment, but...
  3. oknazevad

    Fraggle Rock Rock On! Episode 2 - The Cave of the Silly Creatures

    That's true, there's really no way to know for sure. I would think it might change the performance, though. There's a difference between a puppeteer performing to a pre-recorded voice track and someone rubbing over the puppeteers voice in post-production.
  4. oknazevad

    Sesame Street will continue to air on re-branded Sprout Channel

    The network is now Universal Kids, Sprout survives as the name of the midday preschool block. Notably, Chica the Chicken has gone off to kindergarten, and so will make only occasional appearances, while a new talking dog puppet named Snug co-hosts the wraparound segments from the Sprout House...
  5. oknazevad

    The Muppets Episode 12 - A Tail of Two Piggies

    It didn't in New York. I think your safe. The network isn't preempting anything, local stations might.
  6. oknazevad

    The Muppets SPOILER Thread

    It was local only. I'm in the New York area, and it was uninterrupted. Not a network thing, and not something that in anyway speaks to the network's handling of the series.
  7. oknazevad

    The Muppets Episode 12 - A Tail of Two Piggies

    Great episode. Fantastic message in a very Muppety style. Joan Jett was the perfect guest, used perfectly. And the B plot was great, too. Especially the chicken puns. Even the throw away gags, like Chip with the newspaper, were on point. Superb Muppet balance of humor and message, and a great...
  8. oknazevad

    The Muppets SPOILER Thread

    Lots of shows take winter breaks these days, as it allows production to catch up while avoiding reruns, building anticipation for the spring premier. That said, most of the shows for which that model works best are serialized dramas and adventure series. Think Agents of SHIELD, Once upon a...
  9. oknazevad

    Video: The Muppets and National Friends Day

    Funnily enough, of course, is that Janice was named for Janis Joplin (though they're very different in personality), just as the other members of the Mayhem were inspired by 60s & 70s musicians. So in some ways that's a spelling "correction", lol.
  10. oknazevad

    The Muppets Episode 11 - Swine Song

    This episode did exactly what it needed to do. It actually wasn't all that different from the last couple before the break, indicating it was more a tweak than a reboot (which is what I predicted), but for those who didn't watch it every week before the break, it was just enough to show the...
  11. oknazevad

    The Muppets SPOILER Thread

    A Swedish Chef and Muppet Labs sketch at once! Nifty!
  12. oknazevad

    Fake SST Wiki

    Thing is, they're all fan wikis, none of them are official, professional works, even Muppet Wiki. This isn't a "fake wiki", like its some sort of scam. It is an apparently good faith attempt at a dedicated Sesame Street wiki. The starter probably saw that there wasn't a dedicated one at...
  13. oknazevad

    Your Thoughts: Star Wars Episode 7 - The Force Awakens *Contains Spoilers*

    Great film. So very Star Wars done right. Excellent new characters, great performances by the young actors, and Harrison Ford is as good as ever. And I find it humorous that Mark Hamill gets second billing when he's in the film for like 30 seconds, and doesn't say a word. But it makes sense for...
  14. oknazevad

    Sesame Street shrinks to 30 minutes, new shows will premiere on HBO and PBS nine months later

    No, they will not be be banned. Where are you getting that idea from? New episodes are being made, will air on HBO first, then appear on PBS 9 months later, with recent reruns appearing on both HBO and PBS to fill out the schedule. That is exactly what they've said will happen, and anything else...
  15. oknazevad

    The Muppets Episode 10 - Single All the Way

    Been a few episodes. They can be a good gag structure to use, to give some of the workplace comedy aspect of the premise. But it could easily be overused, so I'm glad it's not in every episode. I would t mind seeing it again. That reminds me: it was good to see Kermit refer to this gig as...