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    Your Favorite Muppet Family Christmas Quotes

    This one I thought was pretty priceless: Kermit, Doc, Sprockett and The Count are looking outside at the raging blizzard DOC: Boy that storm sure is getting worse! KERMIT: Yeah, I hope Miss Piggy will be OK DOC: (to the Count) That is one worried frog, I tell you. COUNT: Aha...
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    People on seasme street. (80-86)

    Actually I saw her on the show about two or three weeks ago. Zoe and Rosita approach Oscar who is helping his pet elephant prepare for a water squirting contest. They want to watch and Oscar reluctantly agrees to let them. Fluffy squirts some water into the air at a distance. The camera cuts to...
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    Sesame Street censorship

    LOL! I remember they had that book in MY elementary school library as a kid, and I very clearly remember this one. It was presented in a sort of "comic-book" format, wasn't it? But to answer your original query: No, I think it's very unlikely that it was an illustrated version of a skit...
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    The Early Grover

    Oscar became green in the second season. Before that there were two orange oscars -- the one used in the very first episode has no arms or hands and looks more like a hairy snake with a big head, and another which did have arms and hands. The reason he became green I think had something to do...
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    Noggin/Unpaved changes

    Re: This is actually NOT good. OK sseta, don't you think it's time you threw in the towel with this petition thing? Does the fact that the number of signatures have stayed at 108 for the last while not tell you anything? Chances are anyone who knows and cares about this has already signed...
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    What sketches scared you as a kid?

    Your memory is playing tricks on you. You're talking about one skit, not three different ones. I have a tape from an episode of UNPAVED with this on it. Ernie has just finished building a pyramid of blocks and wants to take a picture of it. He asks Bert to guard it and make sure nothing happens...
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    Count Von Count Sesame Street puppet

    You mean this is the third time (s)he has done this with the Count? Did you ask him/her how many other Muppets (s)he has done this with and then sold them on ebay? Is (s)he aware that they are violating copyright laws by doing this and could find herself forking over huge sums of money to the...
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    Jim's personality

    Have you lost any of your teeth lately, Jeffrey? If you have, be sure to leave them under your pillow so the Tooth Fairy can leave you money for each one:D
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    Petition to keep Sesame Street Unpaved

    Uh...Jeffrey, not that that's a bad idea or anything, but I wager that there's a lot of people who wouldn't be satisfied with only a bunch of classic vignettes from the show, for two reasons: one people have different ideas about what makes a particular skit a "classic". Example, some people...
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    Petition to keep Sesame Street Unpaved

    Great idea sseta, I think this is where you should redirect your efforts: Take a break from this petition for a while, and then start a new one to be presented to Sesame Workshop (they're not called CTW anymore) demanding that the old episodes be released on DVD or VHS Box sets. I hate to...
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    "Muppet Show" Director dies.

    Why won't my avatar show up?
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    "Muppet Show" Director dies.

    Sad news indeed.
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    Noggin is getting rid of Sesame Street Unpaved!!

    You're missing the point. SS Unpaved was probably not intended for the kids in the first place. It was intended (I would imagine) for nostalgic adults who remember the shows golden years. They knew that today's kids probably would have no interest in "old school" SS, but knew there would be many...
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    What sketches scared you as a kid?

    What about these two? I can't believe I'm the first person to bring up these two skits, which IMO were two of the most upsetting that I ever saw on SS as a kid: The first skit I'm refering to is Herry Monster signing a song entitled "I Can't Help It" (An unreliable source told me it dates...