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    I'm Back!

    Thanks everyone! it means alot because right now I don't have alot of friends, i guess its my fault but I put my whole life aside when I met this girl, well noone bothered to contact me so I didn't contact them so im sortof left a bit alone when it all came tumbling down.
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    I'm Back!

    yeah, which went a bit dead and i forgot to register and now an advertising company owns it :(
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    I'm Back!

    What do you mean? Have we talked before? Do I know you?
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    My fiancee left me

    Sorry to hear that about your fiance, I have a similar story I posted about just then but with me it was only 1.5 years but we got to know eachother so well so quickly so each day seemed like a week or something but I understand it must be so much harder after 9 years :(
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    I'm Back!

    Hi everyone! Some people here may remember me, I used to come here very often but my life changed alot very quickly but now I have to get used to that old life. I wont go into all the details but about a year and a half ago I met a girl from The Netherlands and we seemed perfect for...
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    Muppet Gifts on Facebook!

    Its been a while since I posted here but I thought I would make a post about a new application on facebook to send virtual Muppet gifts to your friends :) here is the link: it should work. Theres also another one that you can send chocolates...
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    Palisades Super Grover Action Figure

    Only a few minutes to go, if you are interested in it bid now!
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    Threads and Posts

    Yeah it does feel like that doesn't it! Ive had that many times over the years and when i see it in google searches i see some of the stupid things I said when I was younger on here.
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    Palisades Super Grover Action Figure

    Sorry, accidentally posted the Australian link. Heres the US site link:
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    Australian Bunny Picnic PAL VHS

    Thanks for that, is it that rare? Ive seen those before and they were much less than $70
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    Palisades Super Grover Action Figure

    Just letting whoever is interested know that I have listed another grover on ebay. Sorry to only come on here now to say I have something for sale, I have been away in Europe for a while and had lots of things going on. Here is the link...
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    Logging on

    Also, make sure you do not delete your cookies, or atleast not the muppet central ones, some browsers delete cookies automatically, and I have a program which allows only the cookies I specify which causes problems too, so if you have something like that make sure muppet central is on the...
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    New Puppet On Ebay

    looks great!
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    Palisades Super Grover Action Figure

    Another Grover for sale! I have listed another grover and I don't have many left now. Don't be put off by the Australian dollars, I listed in Australian dollars as paypal charge a percentage for me to retrieve my money if it is in US dollars so I would rather not fall for that trick again...
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    Muppet & Sesame Street Items Sale on ebay Including Palisades Grover

    Hi everyone, I just thought I'd let you all know, especially the Australians here that I have listed lots of Muppet and Sesame Street stuff on ebay this week with more to come soon. Also theres some puppets im selling too. It's time to get rid of anything I don't need because I need space and...