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    Pepe's "fur"?

    Hello, did you get him fixed up? love to see some pics.
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    Your Thoughts: "Jim Henson: The Biography" by Brian Jay Jones

    RIP jim. Just makes a fan miss him more. What a gift!
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    Wanted: Master Replicas Kermit

    That replica is perfect the muppet baby. Also great job on your first one.
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    The Foam Book

    Thank you for That DVD. I am a beginner and looking forward to trying the techniques. The Book is great but the DVDS are perfect for someone like me.
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    The Foam Book

    Thank You for posting this. I got to get my hands on one to check it out up close.
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    Ebay is not fun anymore.

    I agree. I asked who the artist was. They said they couldn't tell me cause Disney is suing them. Some guy in California. Then I ask about operation of reply. Its ok. I am not Disney and a collector. More than likely another scam. I just hate he fact that you get the money to invest...
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    Looking for Are We There Yet?: Songs for Tiny Travelers
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    Wanted: Master Replicas Kermit

    Neither was I. Bid 800 and was blocked from bidding by seller. scam I assume.
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    Ebay is not fun anymore.

    Just bid on an animal. 10 seconds..800.00 bucks...seller derpin-deals blocked me from bidding. Eariler I had asked a couple of questions like I was encouraged to do. I don't know why a person would block a legit bidder but the puppet sold for 700.00 and I tried 800.00. I hate ebay and the...
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    How good is Creature Clones?

    I do own a Elmo from Him but it took a lifetime to get. He is good at what he does but he is slow and too expensive. And his Communication is beyond words(after he has your money).
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    How good is Creature Clones?

    Tried to buy a Grover. It was 650 total he said. Then he asked for my address for shipping and sent me an invoice for 715.00. $65.00 for shipping from New Jersey to Houston. I canceled it all together. When I questioned him about it he said he assumed I wanted it overnight. BS
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    Elmo Replica

    Great Elmo. Great build.
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    Kermit v5 (and last) finished!

    Beautiful job. Just like the real deal.
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    Elmo Puppet Replica by Derek Thompson

    Great Job. Great scale on Elmo as well. You got a great heart my friend. Keep those smiles going.
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    New Members: Please Post and Introduce Yourself

    Hello all, I am James from Houston. Love Muppet and puppets in general. I have my own characters and videos on youtube as well. Dream would be able to work in the field. Just found thisforum and so glad to be able to connect to other fans. I didnt know about a Muppet-Fest and hope that is true...